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Author:  Linariel [ August 14th, 2006, 3:32 am ]
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Lord of the Rings


Name: Linariel
Parents: Menathradon, and Raina
Race: Half-Elven
Age: unknown but looks around 16 in human years
Gender: Female
Hair: Linariel hair is curly auburn goldish color. Her hair is long a usually she has it down or sometimes in a bun.
Eyes: Sky blue with sparkles dancing in them when she smiles, cries, or laughs.
Abilities: An experienced rider, a fair pretty good archer, and an expert swordswoman.
Weapons: Bow of A River, and Sword of Fire
Pets: She has a mare she named Castiel which in elvish means gentle. Her horse is white as snow, and her mane is cream colored.
Garments: She usually wears green dress, or some times is caught in a blue one. When doing exploring she wears a light dress to travel in. Preferably in green but sometimes red, or blue.
Personality: Gentle, fair, smart, kind, and caring towards others. But she fights hard not wanting to kill unless she has too she is not a merciless swordswoman.
History: Linariel parents died when she was very young in a orc raid. An elf took her to Rivendell to settle down. There she had a good home, and learned the ways of her elven kin. When she got older she left Rivendell to explore Middle Earth. Then later came back to her old home.


Name: Castiel (means Gentle)
Parents: unknown
Race: Elven horse
Age: 4 years at least
Gender: Mare
Mane: creamish white
coat: pure white
Abilities: One of the fastest horses known, but has a sweet personality growing up around elves she knows their langague better than human.
Personality: sweet, kind, loyal, but if her mistress is in danger she will do anything to protect her.
History: Born in Rivendell but taken to Rohan at a young age would not take any rider on her back. Later in a wilds man rade was stolen. One day during a painful job for the cruel wild men. Linariel came and saved her from a wild man who was whipping her to death. Gratefull to the elf she became her horse, and companion. Since that day Castiel never left her mistresses side. They have a huge bond together.

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Star Wars:


Name: Jena Dagre Keyslie
Age: (depends on RP. But when she died she was 25)
Gender: Female
Occupation: Jedi Knight
Rank: Padawan Learner, Jedi Apprentice, Jedi Knight, Secretary of Alderaan
Weapons: blaster and a green light saber
Home Planet: Unknown but raised on Coruscant
Mara Jade's unknown mother. Only few knew of her daughter. She was one of the remaining Jedi to escape from the Jedi Massacre. Sadly wounded though by Anakin when he was Vader. Pregnant at the time too it was devastating. She was a powerful Jedi in her own way.
Secretly married to a pilot Kenneth Dagre in the Emperor's army. Though it was against the rules she did marry him secretly. And by the time the clone wars came Jena was pregnant with Mara. While her husband was helping in the Clone wars she was back with her friends. A tragic accident killed her husband Kenneth in the battle. Which she found out later after the Jedi Massacre.
Best friends with Alandra and Eljaraj they were both in hiding. Known to everyone one else she is Jena Dagre a secretary to Bail. Who is helping her hide. Hidden from everyone but her friends find out on the last day she has a daughter who is very young then. The child was born sometime after her mother took refuge at Alderaan. The child's name is Mara Jade. Till one fatefull day Jena gets killed by Vader. Unknown to most but her best friends the fatefull death of her. Once she died Mara Jade her daughter was turned over to Terain her faithful servant and friend. But Vader stool the child in hopes of making Jena come to him to rescue her.
Other: No siblings known of, Romance: Kenneth Dagre (married), offspring: one child Mara Jade (her at young age since she doesn't know otherwise)


Name: Jade Skywalker
Age: (depends on RP)
Birthplace: Yavin 4
Appearance: Red hair, blue eyes like her father. Slender and very beautiful.
Weapon: blaster, and purple lightsaber.
Ship: The Jade Star (a small X-Wing
Bio: Daughter of Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker. She is the last child born to the Skywalker family. Only 4 years younger then her brother Ben. She is a powerful Jedi in the force. But still a Padwan learner. Her Jedi master is Kelisia Torin a powerful Jedi master. Knows how to fly an X-Wing. Her best friend is Maraj. They keep in contact as much as possible.
Attitude: Jade has a mind of her own. She has her mothers tough attitude and a hint of her fathers kindness. She is sweet, but some times stubborn a born leader.

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