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 Post subject: --FM's Characters--
PostPosted: March 1st, 2007, 2:08 pm 
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These are the characters I often use in RP's, although I twirk them up to fit the situation. Any crit on them is welcome.


Name: Johosh Cathnae
Age: 29
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Appearance: Average height and weight, though more strongly built in most senses of the word. Blue eyes, and light brown wavy hair [bordering dirty blonde], that hangs towards his shoulder tops. His skin is tanned and rather rough. He has a beard and moustache.
Attire: Grey raggy pants, that aren't quite long enough, a long-sleeved green shirt, and a vest that in bygone days would have been quite fashionable and attractive. Also, a rather old-English looking cap.
Personality: Very much on the outgoing side, with a slightly satirical and sarcastic sense of humor. Loyal, even if it leads to the dark side.
Weapons: One beautifully made broadsword, with a dragon sculpted on the hilt. He is bound to it [see history].
History: Johosh grew up in a small village/community, and was trained as an entertainer [basically a jester, or a clown] for the nobility. His specialty was flame and sword swallowing. But then, one very unfortunate day, a curse was placed upon him that changed his whole life. The curse was that should ANYONE seperate him from his sword, he would immeidiately begin dying. Even a minute away from his sword, and the life begins to drain out of him. So now he must keep it on his person at all times.
Pictures: ... recked.jpg ... /boy-1.jpg

Name: Jeral Cathnae
Age: 19
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Appearance: On the slender and small side, Jeral is just a tad underweight and undersized. Dark, chocolate-colored brown hair, prominent blue eyes, and a sharp chin. Clean shaven, with his hair cut fairly short, and paler sort of skin, that reveals his blue veins.
Attire: Grey leggings, dirty green tunic, long grey coat [nicely made], and black boots that nearly reach his knee's.
Personality: He struggles with expressing himself, with fully communicating his emotions. He tends to clam up when angry or hurt; and often gets his feelings hurt easily. Towards friends he is gentle, and avoids combat at all cost, towards enemy he is sullen and avoids contact. Creative, optimistic, and generally friendly. He shirks any form of hard work though, and finds ways out of earning a living.
Weapons: A dirk, bit rusty, but was a fine weapon once.
History: His dad died before he was born, and his mom sent him away to live with a very odd sort of aunt and uncle, who pampered him to their hearts desire until hard times came upon them, and they were forced to let him grow up.
Pictures: ... jeral2.jpg ... ralboy.jpg

Name: Ariel Moore
Age: 20
Race: Mutated Human
Gender: Female
Appearance: Tall, slender, almost figureless. Dark black eyes, thin blonde hair, and full lips. Always looks sort of half-awake with her eyelids partially shut, and a stupid smile on her face. Long fingers and finger nails. Beautiful, and yet strikingly horrible.
Attire: All sorts of clothing and disguises; mostly a thin black dress and no shoes.
Personality: Situations have forced her to evil powers, evil powers have forced her to terrible actions. She is quiet, calm... but inside bitter and hateful. She will use any means to get her way, even if it means deeply hurting those nearest to her. Loves to create devious forms of torture, enjoys seeing others cry.
Weapons: Two knives that are made out of ice, and magically stay constantly frozen.
History: Was once a beautiful girl, heir to a throne, with a enviable life before her. And then, she found out how really incredible she was. Pride drove her to slight madness, in which she murdered the royal family, and was banished from the kingdom. Now, her life is intent on destroying others... but first making them love her, so it hurts twice as bad.
Abilities: Telepathy, mind control, invisibility, weather control.
Pictures: ... /Ariel.jpg

Name: Nataniel Trovoglyst.
Age: 26
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Appearance: Average height, on the thinner side, with rough and sharp features. Pointed, protruding chin that almost narrows to a point, blue eyes, shallow cheeks, brown hair that hangs down to his shoulders and is wavy. Willowly and pretty flexible, not overly muscular. Small beard.
Attire: Grey leggings, dirty blue tunic that hangs loosely on him, with a off-white shirt under it. Black leather boots and very scuffed. One thin rapier which he sometimes wears, but hardly ever uses.
Personality: Rummy, tends to pop out with odd comments at odd times. Not very bright on picking up on what others are doing, but has a genious and cunningness that borders on insanity. Extraordinarily vain and concieted. Very entergetic and impulsive.
Weapons: Spanish rapier, with a beautifully sculptured handle. Dark silver.
History: He was born in a poor home, to a poor family... but by sheer luck happened to get a job working for aristocrats, and in turn living with them. He picked up some very odd mannerisms and habits from this, before he began to see how truly ridiculous the noblemen were, and so he went back to the common folk, and has preferred them ever since.
Pictures: ... johosh.jpg ... ohosh2.jpg

Name: Deskertnya [Dez] Snithe
Age: 23
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Appearance: Not overly thin, shorter, curly dark brown hair, brown eyes, tanned skin.
Attire: Although she'd rather be attired in a man's gaments, more often than not she's in a tunic-like dress, with leggings underneath. She wears a thick belt around it all.
Personality: Very fiesty and defensive, she would much rather just fight it out than reason intelligently. Her temperment is often hyped and out of control, although if calm she's likeable enough. Slightly neurotic, and often overcome with anger that she cannot control.
Weapons: Throwing knives.
History: Just at the turn from her childhood, Dez looked forward to a marriage with a man she loved, or she thought she loved. At the last minute he backed out of the relationship, leaving her bitter and hateful.
Pictures: ... s/dez2.jpg ... s/dez1.jpg

Name: Vaghe Kristolme
Age: 63
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Appearance: Roughly shaven, average height and weight, brown eyes and dark brown hair that is now turning grey, gentle features.
Attire: Dark tunic and black breeches, cloak also. Heavy boots.
Personality: Quiet and serious, although he know's a good jest now and then. Very scintillating and apt, although it troubles him that physically he is more unable. Slightly skeptical of everything.
Weapons: Long bow.
History: He was once a great captain of the Archers, but time has stolen his capability and rendered him inutile. Now he lives quietly like a ranger.
Pictures: ... s_tale.jpg

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