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 Post subject: Lonannuniel
PostPosted: February 23rd, 2007, 2:11 pm 
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Name: Lonannuniel Arinyavire
Gender: Female
Race: Elven, of Sindarin/Avari parentage
Age: Unknown
Parents: Unknown
Sibling(s): none
Marital status: Betrothed
Children: none

Description: Lonannuniel (or Lonann, to friends) is tall and slender, after her Sindarin heritage; Dark hair, worn long, and eyes of bottle-green; in the presence of evil or malignant forces, her eyes turn from green to fully black. Lonann wears typical female attire, favoring white dresses when relaxing, or sometimes red; when travelling, she wears a whilte cloak over a white gown. Should she go into battle, she will wear the clothing from her enslavement in Mordor: micro-skirt and "bikini-top", red and black in color, her hair in a tight braid down her back.

Weapon(s): Two long swords made from black steel, forged in Mordor; one throwing star sheathed on her thigh; when traveling, she carries a number of throwing knives in a saddlebag.

Personality: Calm and loving, a fighter when needed. but love radiates from her every word and action

Background: Lonann was born in Mordor, near the shores of Lake Nurnen, of elven slaves. Her mother was a captured Sindarin Elf, and her father was Avari from unknown origins. As a slave, Lonann was made to entertain her masters by fighting hand-to-hand arena combat, and was also kept for "breeding stock". After her parents, and her one infant son, all perished, she escaped her captivity and fled east out of Nurn, then turned north, following the caravan routes to the sea of Rhun. She dwelled alone and hunted in the forests on the northern shores.

After being hunted by the Easterlings, Lonann made her lonely way across Rhovanion, and into Mirkwood. At the fords of the Anduin, she was attacked by raiders and left for dead. While wounded, she found a riderless white horse, which she named Astaldo. The horse bore her across the fords, and west into the Misty Mountains, crossing at the High Pass above Imladris. Coming down the west side of the pass, she was attacked once more by orcs; badly hurt, she rode in a swoon for days until she found the Forsaken Inn, where she recovered and remains to this day.

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