Feanaro Calalean
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Author:  Feanaro Calalean [ February 24th, 2007, 9:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Feanaro Calalean

The origins of Feanaro Calalean are shrouded in mystery. He was first known as simply Vasya, a young elf who lived on the outskirts of the Misty Mountains in the middle of the Third Age. He is rumored to be a descendant of Fingolfin the Elven High-King, but these have never been commented on by Feanaro himself. It is known that Feanaro carries the long-lost twin of Narsil, Sulnumen(Wind of the West), with him always. He is clad in simple cloth, and carries very little with him. He has also been known to arm himself with a longbow and quiver, gifts from the Elves of Mirkwood.

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