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 Post subject: Turwaithion's Characters
PostPosted: May 6th, 2008, 8:05 pm 
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First Age


Name: Turwaithion
Age: 1, 872
Race: Noldorin Elf
Hieght: 6' 11''
Parentage: Lord Findecano(deceased) and Lady Narwen of the Noldor
Siblings: Teleplin
Physical Description: Pale, grey eyes with blue flecks. He has a scar along the left side of his face from an orc blade.
Garb: He wears a grey elven cloak, and Noldorin Armour (2nd age movie), though he shuns a helmet. As the Lord of his house, the Loremasters, he wears a slim mithril circlet.
Weapons: A elven sword made by the Noldor, originally his Father's. A Sindarin Longbow with Mithril tipped arrows, and a hunting dagger.
Pesonality: Turwaithion is a rather grave Elf, who is rarely amused and distrustworthy of strangers. He is rather jovial amongst companions, however.
Animals: A black elf horse(mare) named Fyrn
Homeland: Doriath
History: Turwaithion was born to Lord Findecano of the Noldor and Lady Narwen of Doriath during the crossing of the Helcaraxe. When the Noldor arrived in Middle Earth, Findecano swore vengeancee on Feanor and his house for abandoning his people. However, he never got his chance, as Feanor was killed shortly after. Findecano was killed by the Balrogs in thhe 'negotiations' in which Lord Maedhros was taken captive. Narwen fled to Doriath along with her husband's remaining guards, and gave birth to Turwaithion's sister Teleplin shortly thereafter. Once the young Elf was old enough, he became a Marchwarden alongside his tutors, Beled Cuthalion and Mablung. A few years later, he left to join Fingolfin's Army at Angband. Before he left, the Captain of his father's guard gave him his father's sword Elenrist, or, Starcleaver, named for it's sheen and it's part in the First battle of Beleriand, where it seemed to halve the stars themselves. He then set out to Hithlum to join his Lord in battle.


Name: Glordan
Race:Man of Brethil
Age:25 [subject to change]
Hieght:5' 10''
Parentage:Lord Narcano of the Brethil Marchwardens and Lady Eilis of the People of Hador
Physical Description:Blonde hair, clean shaven. He has a scar across his back from the whip of a temporary Orc-master
Garb:He weard a black hooded cloak, and grey and green garments, with a steel cuirass and pauldrons.
Weapons:A sword, a short bow, and a pair of dirks.
Animal(s):A chestnut stallion named Nardan.
History:Born to the leader of the Eastern Marchwardens of Brethil, Glordan inherited tihe coulouring of his mother's kin, marking him out amongst the people of Haleth. When Glordan was 7, an Orc raid left his father without his left arm. Shocked, Glordan intensified training until, at age 15, he was an equal to even a Noldo blademaster with his dirks and sword. When Glordan was twenty, he was betrothed to Elwen, a niece of Handir, Lord of Brethil. Soon after, he left Brethil to combat the growing threat in the West and pledge his service to Lords Amrod and Amras. En route however, he was captured by orcs and viciously beaten by them, until he was rescued by Lord Celegorm. Indebted, Glordan swore service to the Elf Lord until Morgoth was broken.
[subject to change]

Third Age

Name: Sigefolc
Race:Man of Rohan
Age:21 [subject to change]
Hieght:5' 11''
Parentage:Lord Beinion and Lady Erin of the House of Eroch
Physical Description:Blonde hair, bearded Brown eyes with green flecks. Sigefolc has a small scar above his right eye from his role in the defense of the Westfold against Dunland raiders.
Garb:Rohirric Armour, with a green cloak. His swordbelt is inlaid with gold filigree, and his bow is made from stag antler.
Weapons:Rohirric cavalry sword, a horse bow, and a dirk.
Animal(s):A blue roan stallion named Chadad, and an ealgle named Thoron.
History: Sigefolc was born several years before the War of the Ring and corruption of Theoden. His father, Beinion, was a member of the Edoras Royal Guard, as was Sigefolc himself. When Grima Wormtounge spread his pallour over Theoden, Sigefolc left Meduseld in distgust, shaming his name in abandoning his post. However, that was not all he left behind. Sigeloc also left his betrothed, Alais, in Edoras under the care of her family, promising to return at the end of the war and marry her. Furious with the King, he rode to the Westfold to help stem the tide of Hillmen and Orc invaders, and was wounded in a large skirmish there, while defending a village. When he learned of Theoden's retreat to Helm's Deep, and Wormtounge's banishment, he gladly returned to his lord's side. However, one he arrived at the fortress, he was given dire news. His father had been killed in a battle with Orcs en route to the Hornburg. Sigefolc swore in front of the 3 Hunters, Theoden, and Eomer Eadig, to kill any and all of Sauron's minions he found in veangeance. He soon got his chance, as the Uruk-Hai attacked the same night. After sustaining a wound to the chest from an Uruk berserker attempting to kill Eomer, Sigefolc was carried into the Great Hall, where he would be forced to remain for the rest of the battle. Once he was able to stand, Eomer personally pardoned him, and thanked him for his actions on the Wall. As the Lord of the House of Eroch, he was given lands in the Eastfold, and, for his services at Helms Deep, a small estate on the Westfold. He later rode with Eomer to the Pellenor, where he once again saved the Prince's life, and Eomer returned the favour, spearing a Haradrim about to skewer the young man. After the battle, King Eomer gave Sigefolc the title of Captain of the Royal Guard, for his services to Rohan. After the Battle of the Black Gate, during which he and Eomer collaborated to kill a Troll, he and Alais were married.
[subject to change]

Name: Alric
Race:Man of Rohan
Parentage:Lord Beinion and Lady Erin of the House of Eroch
Physical Description:Blonde hair, bearded, Brown eyes with green flecks. Alric has a scar across his forearm from a Dunlander blade
Garb:Rohirric Armour, with a green cloak. His swordbelt is inlaid with gold filigree.
Weapons:Rohirric cavalry sword, and a dirk.
Animal(s):A blue roan stallion named Vortigern
History: Alric was born several years before the War of the Ring. In the later years, when Grima Wormtounge began to bend the mind of Theoden, Alric's brother Sigelfoc left his post in the Royal Guard in distgust to serve his country elsewhere, and Alric, leaving his wife in the care of his parents, rode to Rivendell to pledge his service to the Elves and gather help for Rohan.

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