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 Post subject: Marida Grady
PostPosted: February 17th, 2017, 7:21 pm 
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Name: Marida Grady

Titles(s): Queen under the Mountain, Queen of Erebor (formerly)

Current Location: Isla Nublar, about 120 miles west of Costa Rica on Earth

Appearance: Erebor; Isla Nublar

Height: about 5'6, a bit taller than her ex-husband, Thorin Oakenshield, but smaller than her current husband, Owen Grady (who's about 6'2)

Nationality: Marida's the result of a union between a woman of Dale and a dwarf of the Blue Mountains. She is the only female of three offspring and is the second oldest.

Personality: Marida's as curious as a cat, which often gets her into trouble, mostly by creatures or animals that have the potential to end her life. She has escaped death twice so far; the first was during Smaug's attack on Erebor when a wrong turn nearly got her crushed by one of the dragon's massive limbs if her ex-husband, Thorin Oakenshield, wouldn't have pulled her to safety at the last possibe second, and the second shortly after she discovered the time portal and got a little too close and fell into the Raptor Pen in Jurassic World on the tropical island of Isla Nublar (luckily her current husband, Owen Grady, saw this happen and distracted the Raptors whilst his best friend, Barry, pulled her out of the cage to safety).


Owen Grady, current husband
Thorin Oakenshield, ex-husband
Michaela, mother (deceased)
Kali, jealous cousin that always seems to want what she can't have. She may have been right about Marida not being meant to be queen (since Marida is a commoner with no royal ancestry)
Older brother, miner
Younger brother, miner

Age: Unknown, but looks to be in her mid-thirties (by human standards)

History: Marida's father first took her to Erebor about five years before Smaug's attack to get her mind off what happened to her mother, Michaela, who died in a mining accident. This is where she met her first husband, one Thorin Oakenshield, whom she pursued for years. The two were finally wed just prior to the quest to reclaim the mountain kingdom from the dragon. Everything seemed to be fine until about three years into the marriage, which, like the mountain that killed her mother, seemed to be on the brink of collapse. There may have been a few things that led up to this; Thorin's stubbornness towards Elves (especially Thranduil), whom Marida never had a problem with, and Marida's loss of freedom (which may have been the main culprit, since she couldn't even go to nearby Dale, where her mother came from, without a chaperone, so she may have felt more like a prisoner than a queen). That last argument between the two seemed to break the former queen. To the point where she seeked to get as far away from Thorin as she could, which she did, when she came across a time portal in an abandoned section of Erebor (which was never cleaned up from Smaug's attack, due to the fact that it may have been mostly used for storage, so not many dwarves ventured this far into the kingdom) that led her to Jurassic World on the tropical island of Isla Nublar, where she met her husband of about six months, Raptor trainer, Owen Grady.


Owen Grady, current husband: Of her two spouses, Owen's the most fun, often tickling her funny bone. Whereas Thorin was all gloomy and judgemental, Owen lets her be her own person, unlike being all proper when she was Queen of Erebor in Middle-earth. On Isla Nublar, Marida truly is free, though Owen still has to watch out for her, since she has the tendency to get herself into trouble, due to her on going curiosity.

Echo and Blue, surviving members of the Raptor Squad (other than Owen): These dinosaurs don't like anyone messing with their Alpha (meaning Owen), so it took them quite a while to warm up to Marida, but now accept her as part of the pack (though diminished, thanks to the incident with the Indominus Rex). Since Echo once challenged Blue for dominance over the role of which of the two got to be the Beta, Owen has to keep a close eye on them, to make sure something like this doesn't happen again.

Thorin Oakenshield, ex-husband: Though they parted on friendly terms (mostly because of the time portal, which is kept under constant guard in Erebor, so that Marida can still visit her father and two brothers in Middle-earth), the spark that was once between them is gone. It is unknown if Thorin ever remarried (unlike Marida, who's partly human, and humans don't necessarily only have one true love, unlike dwarves)

Lowery Cruthers: Marida kind of feels sorry for the guy, who opted to stay behind on the island after learning that the co-worker he seemed to have a bit of a thing for was already taken. He continues to tell Marida about the dinosaurs of the original park, that was sabotaged by a disgruntled employee.

Getting around: Like she did in Middle-earth, Marida prefers to traverse the island on foot, but the one thing that she does that seems to drive Owen nuts is walk around barefoot. While she was Queen of Erebor in Middle-earth, Marida was all proper and everything people expected the wife of royalty to be, but on Isla Nublar, she seems to behave much like a Hobbit (even though she's part dwarven). Riding around on Owen's motorcycle is another adventure altogether. Since Marida is shorter, she often sits in the front, and although Owen would never let anything happen to her, she finds it hard to get used to (unlike riding ponies in Middle-earth, but ponies are animals, not any kind of motorized vehicle used in the modern world to get around).

♥ Married Owen Grady 8/25/16 ♥
"The key to a happy life is to accept you are never actually in control."

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 Post subject: Re: Marida Grady
PostPosted: February 17th, 2017, 9:38 pm 
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Cool character and bio. :D I like how you have an actual character for your forum persona.

Thanks for sharing! :D Maybe sometime you should enter her into an RP.



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 Post subject: Re: Marida Grady
PostPosted: February 18th, 2017, 12:34 am 
Dunedain Ranger of Arnor
Dunedain Ranger of Arnor
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Cool character profile! Thanks for sharing it!

I think I'll post a thread with my characters in it, just so I can keep them all in one place....

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