Dhodrimme (SI) Lady of the Ruaathiat (Update: 5/9/06)
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Author:  SI~Dhodrimme [ November 9th, 2005, 1:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Dhodrimme (SI) Lady of the Ruaathiat (Update: 5/9/06)

Edited, though I will begin the history with the original

Name: Dhodrimme Rualanna

Once known as Silmarwen Idril before the revealing of her Star-born appearance

Gender: Female

Birth Year: First year of the Third Age

Race: Half Elf, half star-born

Other: Keeper of the Ruaathiat, Star of Flame[fire], the star of her mother, a star-born.

Appearance: Long flaxen hair, which shimmers with a silver tone, usually kept in elvish fashion, but at times pulled into a loose bun or simply let loose. Silver-grey eyes, and a fair, though mature face. Tall, in elf fashion, but not overly tall, around the height of 5' 8" Slender, yet in good shape; strong and agile.

Clothing: Usually leather arm guards, of elven design, a dark green shirt with a tan leather slender form cut vest. Black or dark green pants, slim fitting, with almost knee high dark leather boots, of much the same design of the arm gaurds. During travel, often wears a green-grey cloak, though when casual with attire, prefers a silken grey cloak, or silken black with silver threading and embroidery along the edges.

Weapons/Equipment: A sword of special crafting, given to her by King Elessar, which she named Tahlathemar, meaning “Blade of Honor”. Carries also two knives, simple but efficient. A bow she keeps at all times, with several well made Lorien arrows.

Animals: A feisty bright bay mare, named Shavain, meaning “Sun Storm” and a falcon, named Saenae, meaning “Wood Whisper”. Also keeps company with a large collie by the name of Rueshin, though it is mostly a pet of her son, Sagen.


This is my oldest, and most used character, and I shall use a piece of a story I wrote to describe her.


Silmarwen was unlike most elves of Lorien, who had golden hair and crystalline blue eyes. Her hair was a dark brown which shone with a flame highlight when touched by sunlight. Her brown eyes were deep and soft, with the look of knowledge and caring, yet still they would blaze angrily in battle. She wore men's travel garb and a sword at her side, for she was a warrior elf, strong and bold, but still with the delicacy of an elven princess. She would travel alone for weeks, perhaps months, at a time, searching for places where she might be of help to someone. Always kind and caring, she rarely thought of herself, nor had she even time for herself, for she was forever busied with travel and helping to defend land and life of others.

Her mother's name was Arivain Rualanna. “Silver Spirit” and “Star Daughter” her name meant, for she was a spirit of the stars, and the keeper of Ruaathiat, Star of Fire. She had beauty like the stars, and a flame shone through her hair and eyes, though it was said to be only a glimpse of the beauty known to the true form of a Star-born. Arivain was slain shortly after Silmarwen's birth, and was greatly wept for by Silmarwen's father, Gelmir Helyanwe, an elven lord, skilled in the crafting of swords. He, himself, was slain after having raised his Star-born daughter till she could continue on her own. Silmarwen had a brother as well, Erthlorn, who dwelled in Lothlorien and patrolled the borders of that magnificent land, and her other brother had been lost before her birth.

A mystery still remained as to how Arivain was slain, for none dared touch such power of the stars. The keeping of her star was laid upon Silmarwen, in the form of a pendant, a six pointed star, wrought of star silver and laid with a red flaming gem in the center of the pendant. It held the power to heal, though that power was lost through time. It gifted Silmarwen with the ability to speak the tongue of stars, a language few knew then, and also revealed to her visions of current and future happenings, though they were never clear.

As Silmarwen passed many springs of her life, she vowed to find who killed her mother. She would travel tirelessly across the vast lands of middle earth, never content to settle in one place for long. Even though she could find nothing to help her in her search, she assisted many in battles and other troubles. She was known as a wandering elf, and would mingle with all sorts, Rangers, Men, and even Hobbits. She could be seen often at the inns and taverns, discussing travels and news of distant lands, and telling the occasional tale, for she knew many.


I shall continue with the story later, a shorter version... but right now my Mom just informed me that my attitude sucks and that I'm acting like a jerk :explode:

Author:  SI~Dhodrimme [ November 10th, 2005, 9:02 pm ]
Post subject:  More of the story...

Silmarwen met a man by the name of Eric the Lionhearted, whom she later married and they adopted a son whom they named Halbarad. After several hardships, Silmarwen and Eric seperated, and Silmarwen took Halbarad to stay in Rivendell but there had been trouble, with a wizard/dark lord, named Naznor. Naznor was in search of the Ruaathiat gem, the Star of Flame, which Silmarwen now held, and after a few encounters, had left her be, but now returned... he took Halbarad captive, stating that if Silmarwen would come forward and give herself up, he would let the boy go. She accepted the deal, but had other plans as she went to meet Naznor. She would be granted to see her son one last time, and that is where she would turn and battle whatever came her way, for she knew Naznor would never keep his promise to free Halbarad.

When she arrived at his fortress, she was immediately seized, and they took her and placed her before Naznor, who held Halbarad in front of him. Silmarwen looked for a chance to pull her son out of the way, but no chance came, as she was swiftly held back by four men, all being Naznor's followers. Naznor killed Halbarad before her very eyes, smirking and stating she should never trust a man who has nothing to lose. She flew into a rage, snatching a sword from one of the men near her and quickly killing all in the room with fearsome anger, but to her dismay, Naznor had vanished.

Silmarwen lifted Halbarad into her arms and carried him away to a place dedicated to her mother, and buried him beside Arivain’s grave, having a carven child-angel placed as a guardian of the grave, and leaving an ever-lasting blue rose at the base. She was devastated, and didn't believe she could ever have a reason to be joyful again. Her heart was weary, and she had even considered leaving for Valinor, but her closest friends encouraged her to remain.

Silmarwen and Eric, with convincing of Hobbitmaid a close friend to them, came together again and remarried. They had a child, and named her Avashti. Finally Silmarwen had the life she had dreamed of and longed for, though sadly Eric was hardly around, but when he was, they were what everyone called "the perfect couple". When Avashti was 21, she married Ramla and that was when Silmarwen found Halbarad, now a young man, and discovered that Naznor had gone through the trouble of creating an illusion, not a real child but the spirit-matter looking as the exact duplicate of Halbarad. Halbarad had escaped and was lost in the forest nearby, but he was only 9, and a young couple found and raised him as their own until they died and he became a Ranger. Eric, Silmarwen, and Avashti were astounded, and joyful at his return.

Shortly after, Silmarwen had twin sons, Zarden and Sagen. But for Eric and Silm, sadly things fell apart, and he left. She was broken and without thinking things through properly, sent the twins to live in Rivendell. When the twins were 5, the elves returned them to Silmarwen for a while to spend time with her. But fate had it that not too long after, she ran into trouble with orcs. The desperate mother did her best to protect the boys, but both boys were captured.

Silmarwen eventually found Sagen and brought him back, though nothing was known of what had happened to Zarden. Sagen remained in serious condition for nearly a year, until Elemmire sacrificed a precious potion to heal the young boy.


And that is pretty much it for now, an up to date story on Silmarwen. lol. Sorry it was so long, but I love writing :-D

Weee! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

Author:  Haldir Ithillen [ November 12th, 2005, 3:23 pm ]
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Neato, but WHY am I not in there?

Author:  Aemornion [ November 12th, 2005, 6:55 pm ]
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Looks like i have competition considering the length of the story *grins*

Allright, just kidding. I must say I love the story and especially the 1st part of it. Good work Silm! *thumbs up*

Author:  SI~Dhodrimme [ November 13th, 2005, 12:50 am ]
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Meh... I was trying to hurry up and write it, Haldir... I wanted to put many names in it, ESPECIALLY yours, but that will have to wait for the muuuuuccchhh longer story.

Thank you Aemorn! The first part is from the original story I am working on, and the second part was quickly put together on the spot sort of thing. Oh, by the way, I really liked your story as well!

Author:  Haldir Ithillen [ November 13th, 2005, 12:54 am ]
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*laughs* I was joking, take your time...

Author:  Eomira [ November 27th, 2005, 5:52 pm ]
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Cool! Wish I could come up with a better time though! :D oh well! Good job!

Author:  SI~Dhodrimme [ November 27th, 2005, 9:19 pm ]
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lol Thank you! :-D

Author:  Itarille Ellie [ November 28th, 2005, 11:38 am ]
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Ah, my dear, excellent job. Makes me want to fix my character's bio muchly, particularly in the historical sense. Hmm. *plots and all some such things*

Rah, but that must wait till later. For I'm terribly exhausted and my bed is just too good to pass up right now. YAY. *collapses on mattress*

Author:  SI~Dhodrimme [ November 28th, 2005, 11:39 am ]
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lol awww, have a good sleep, Ellie! ^^ Oooh, and I love your avatar!!

Author:  SI~Dhodrimme [ December 29th, 2005, 3:02 pm ]
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I think I am in need of an update ^^ Seeing as how Aemorn and everyone else is doing one... anyway... this update only concerns the tag rp's, and not the forum, since there is a huge difference (I think I'll put this in journal form) :bounce:

[font=Arial, sans-serif] Dear Journal,

It is surprising how the times change so suddenly, how with one glance, one smile, worries can vanish, and troubles fade to mere memories. What is it in a smile, in a kind word, in a caring thought, that can heal so much? Ah, forgive me, I am rambling, but there are neither words nor phrases long enough to express the healing which is coming over me, the change for which a certain elf lord is wholly to blame. His name is Khar Adhel, and I am entirely captured by his smile, his kindness, and of course ... the strongest point in one's face ... his eyes. After a while I did what I had never done before; I gave my pendant over to him, the pendant which holds my life and that of Sagen and all bloodline of my mother, the star-born. I entrusted it into his care, along with my love, my heart.

Yet then times change again, and the past returns to haunt you ... in the form of Naznor, it did for me. I was sure he had died, but had I overlooked something? I and Sagen were making a journey, to the fair city of Rivendell, when a recently healed wound I had recieved in a spar with orcs began to pain me, so I sat for a while. Sagen, still a young boy at the age of 10, and looking every day more like his father (any unwelcome comments on such and I shalt slay thee with such fury as has not been seen in quite some time), had left his small hobbit sized sword behind a few paces when he had bent down to tie his boot. He ran back to retrieve it while I rested.

Suddenly there came the sounds of sword being unsheathed, a sound I so loathed when I had my son with me. I stood and unsheathed my own blade, turning to face the onslaught. It came heavy and fast, swifter and more intelligent than orcs, it seemed, and the men were cloaked, bearing a symbol I had grown to hate. It was that of Naznor, the marking of his men, a sword and an arrow crossed over and under a very distinct "N". I battled hard against them, slaying a few, but they vanished as soon as they made contact with the forest floor, though their blood remained. Before I knew it, a blade made contact with my back, and almost in unison, one did so with my shoulder as well. The pain of the dark blades was unbearable, though not meant for killing. My own blood mixed with that of their blood upon the ground, and I fell unconcious, with the vague feeling of being pulled by the back of my cloak.

When I next awoke, I found myself blindfolded, so I could not see, but I could smell the dankness of a dungeon, a scent I hated, for I had experianced far too much of it within the dungeons of Mordor long ago. It was a searing memory, and pained me worse than the wounds which I now bore. But that, my friends, would be another story, one which I do not share freely, and it would be told painfully, for the memories would be hard to handle. Suddenly a voice pulled me from my thoughts, and it was that of Naznor. I snarled feircely and pulled at the bonds which held my hands firmly behind me, shards of metal cutting into the flesh of my wrists.

I heard him sneer as he spoke, and he demanded to know where the pendant was and how the power of it could be used, but I refused to tell him, realizing suddenly that Khar still held the precious stone. Naznor threatened my life, but that held nothing over me, so he threatened the life of Sagen, and I feared he had captured him as well, but I remained silent. I knew that if he were to hold the pendant and its power, I and all the bloodline of my mother would perish in an instant if he were to find the secret to its use. He left the chamber with a low and angry growl and I heard him slam the door shut fiercely, the sliding of the bolt causing my heart to falter and lose hope, for I had heard that sound all too often before.

The wounds which I had recieved had begun to weaken me, and I fell to my side, allowing myself to slip into unconciousness, knowing that if I were to remain so, I would not be questioned further... [/font]

(To be continued! ^^ muwahaha)

Author:  Eomira [ December 31st, 2005, 10:37 am ]
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I'm assuming you'll get to it, but how is she writing when she's bound? apparently she wrote this after but come does the great Silm escape?

Author:  Eomira [ December 31st, 2005, 10:39 am ]
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The Battle of the Longest Bio :D <br>


*dashes off to add more to her bio*

Author:  SI~Dhodrimme [ December 31st, 2005, 11:30 am ]
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^^ Muwahaha, yes indeed, I shall get to it!

Author:  SI~Dhodrimme [ December 31st, 2005, 2:40 pm ]
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(The continuation! Muwahaha!)

[font=Arial, sans-serif]... I do not know how long I remained unconscious, but I awoke to hear footsteps coming down the hall, at a swift pace by the sound of them. I remained still, fearing it would again be Naznor. Then I heard voices, familiar voices. I came to half sit and half kneel, and gasped from the pain, but I knew? the voices! It was Sagen! Sagen, oh Sagen, why did he have to be here the thoughts raced through my mind. has he been captured? Am I to be faced with the challenge again, this time with the threat to my own son's life? When will it end?! I struggled franticly against the bonds, the shards of metal entwined in the threads tearing at my skin. I came suddenly aware of who the second voice was. It was Anariel, or known well as Ana. Hope rose within me, but then fell when I realised what would happen if Naznor was able to grasp Sagen. Coughing from the pain it took to call out to them, I told Ana to take Sagen away, and quickly, but she had already come into the dungeon chamber, and I was grabbed in a tight, yet painful embrace, from my son.

My blindfold was removed and I again begged Ana to leave with Sagen, insisting I could stay alive as long as I kept silent, but if Naznor took hold of Sagen, I could never keep my silence, and all would be lost, even our lives, for Naznor would never keep a promise. Ana asked me where the pendant was after I had explained why Naznor was after me and Sagen, and I responded, saying I had given it to Khar. Just then, Naznor walked to the door way of the dungeon chamber, and he and Ana exchanged a few words. Ana had her sword drawn, ready to attack, while I held Sagen close, not willing the young boy to rush Naznor when Naznor taunted him about capturing me. Naznor made ready to attack Ana, but closed the heavy door with a clang, the bolt sliding in place. Sagen's eyes went wide and he clung to me, fear gripping the poor child, and Ana's face was grim, as was mine I am sure, for we were all now trapped inside the hole of filth and sorcery.

It wasn't long before another voice was heard in the hall, that of my dear friend, Haldir. She had come, but I shook my head in near despair, for I knew Naznor was not easily killed. They taunted each other with words, and suddenly, as Haldir threatened him with a death most painful, I felt a pull, and had suddenly gone from holding Sagen to being in Naznor’s grasp, his dagger to my throat. I closed my eyes, too weak to think of anything else, but thought death would be a blessed relief, and no secrets could escape the lips of the dead. I heard Naznor’s voice reply to Haldir’s threats with a sneer, “And what now? Surely the pendant shall come to me now, for I know who has it, since I am not exactly deaf.”

Then, all of the sudden he released me, and his dagger fell from his hand. I stumbled forward, half from relief and half from weariness, and turned around. The reasoning was Khar. He stood behind Naznor, and had delved his sword into the wizard’s back. None could achieve that without harm unless they wore the pendant of the very light which Naznor feared yet longed for. I watched as Khar twisted the blade and pulled it out, and then Haldir leapt forward, beheading the vial being. The body flickered and vanished, while Khar instructed Ana and Sagen to leave quickly with me. I grabbed a hold of Sagen’s hand, but stumbled slightly as I went to retreat. Khar, as caring as ever, steadied me, and I held tight to his hand and Sagen’s as well, when told by Haldir to leave, and she’d stay behind to be sure Naznor was truly gone. We rushed towards the steps leading from the dark and dank hole of Naznor’s dwelling, but suddenly he himself appeared before us, blocking out path. He sneered towards Khar, acknowledging that Khar had the pendant. I had mistakenly released Sagen, and the young boy was close to Naznor. Naznor reached to grab him, but Sagen fiercely sliced into Naznor’s hand with his small sword. Naznor growled in anger and then as Haldir rushed upon him furiously, he vanished, with mutterings of his return, some other time.

We made our way up the long stair way and I breathed with relief as we reached the open air, clutching firmly to Khar’s hand. I felt sorry for Kilmeny, Khar’s winged Arabian, as Sagen, myself, and Khar climbed upon the good beast, but the horse insisted it was never too much. Weary, I leaned back against Khar, relieved to be again safe with him, Sagen held firmly in my arms, and the dwelling of Naznor far behind us. I was safe… for the time being… [/font]

Author:  Aemornion [ December 31st, 2005, 4:18 pm ]
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Sagen....hey I remember that kid, nice laddie to talk with *smiles*

You sure write one heck of a bio Silm, great job!

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