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Author:  SI~Dhodrimme [ June 22nd, 2006, 2:40 pm ]
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Name: Nuaera Ansrali

Translated: Hope-song/singer, Rune-shadow

Gender: Female

Birth year: 10th year of the Fourth Age

Race: Mostly Mortal, only partially elf

Appearance: Redish gold hair which ends just past her shoulders, though it is mostly pulled into a loose tie. Keen eyes of a green shade, and a fair, though mature face, strained by burdens even in her youthful years. Strong and agile, though not particularly tall in height, average of 5' 5" while her figure is fit and trim.

Clothing: Her attire consists of usually redish brown tunic, of supple leather fabric, the sleeves of a three quarter length, split slightly for better movement of the elbow, while the front is laced. Her britches, of similiar color and texture as her tunic, tuck into her calf length boots, dark leather in color and laced the entire length. A broad cape of the same color as her attire beneath, is clasped in place with weathered gold corner claspings and a strap of leather between them. Often she wears a dark cloth wrapped loosely to cover her hair and neck while occasionally she places a circlet of thickly crafted silver around to keep it in place. Also wears brown leather gauntlets constantly, as both concealment and protection. All this is weathered and travel worn, yet still well kept, carefully repaired by her own hand.

Weapons/Equipment: A dagger of broad and simple design, strapped to her right side, while a sword of more intricate crafting settles at her left side, though she is rare to use it, as archery is her specialty, with a bow of her own crafting.

The picture I have chosen for her:

Steed or travel companion: None, besides a rather unlikely friendship with a worn and old dog of a border collie likeness; a reject.

History: During the first years of the Fourth age, there dwelt a half-elven, Aralianna, looking forward to peaceful times and a life with the one she loved, but fate had it that a young and wayward Rohirrim of dishonorable intentions, which put shame on his fellow kin, took her as a slave and forced wife, though he did not return to his homelands with her, as he was forbidden to do so, disowned by his family. Yet nothing could be done for the half-elven maiden, when Elodren took her off into the wilderness, forcing her to his will.

After a few years time, though much to the chagrin of her self-proclaimed spouse, she came to have a child, a girl which she named Nuaera Ansrali, the first name meaning Hope Song, for indeed the half-elven found hope within the child, hope to continue and live for her own flesh and blood. Yet Elodren was not pleased with the idea of having to raise a child and would have taken Nuaera, but Aralianna put herself between the child and Elodren, having him face the decision of putting her to death or allowing her to keep the child.

Elodren gave in to her demands, and the child was raised by the loving mother, though as she grew in years, Nuaera became terrified of her own father, for her mother would constantly be subject to his abusive behavior, and never would Aralianna allow his hand to fall upon the child. When Nuaera reached the age of seven, Aralianna had a second child, a girl whom she named Arnae Ansrali, though it stirred two years of poor health for the half-elf maiden, and it rested upon Nuaera to help care for her young sister, whom she grew to love dearly. Yet shortly after the third year, Aralianna died from the illness which plagued her, leaving ten year old Nuaera and three year old Arnae to the fate of their forceful father.

Elodren, however, wanted nothing to do with the children once Aralianna had died, so he sold them to slavery, though Arnae, being still too young, was sold underhandedly to a family who wished for a child to raise and assist them in their work when she was older, the father being a fieldsman of Rohan.

Nuaera on the other hand, was not so fortunate, and she was sold to a man who worked hard labor in a swordsmith shop of Gondor and it was there she grew strong in arm and spirit, though it taxed her greatly at her young age. As she aged in years, she did, however, learn the art of forging blades, and Vernon, the older son of the swordsmith, secretly taught her the skill of weilding a blade, though it was the art of archery which she mastered. Vernon instructed her in the crafting of a bow and ever more was she grateful for his instruction.

Yet she longed to find her lost sister, to reunite with her, though she was not sure if Arnae would even remember the elder sister who cared for her, and deep within that longing also dwelt a fierce want for revenge against the man who caused the suffering to her, her mother, and the helpless sibling.

Nuaera gained privleges with the craftsman and even a salary, for her work was accomplished well, and he had even begun to look to her with pride, as his student and an adopted daughter, for his son had not followed in his footsteps, but had joined with the men of Gondor as a soldier. Nuaera grew to love Vernon as an older brother, and looked to him for comfort in her stressful times, and strength when things would seem overwhelming. Another companion she would look to, was an old dejected border collie which had taken residence within the smithy, though he was shunned as a stray, being a shy creature. However, the dog took to Nuaera and remained a faithful follower of her footsteps, her shadow more or less.

Often, in her times of leave, Nuaera would search and question many concerning her lost sister, but still, it remained a mystery and a sorrow to her heart...

Author:  SI~Dhodrimme [ June 25th, 2007, 4:18 pm ]
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Name: Dalria Blackwood

Translation: No known translation for Dalria, though Blackwood was derived from Sae'Athkorbrar.

Title/Public standing: High Official of the Blackwood Wanderers, a few elite huntsmen.

Gender: Female

Birth year: 1670 of the Second Age

Race: Sae'Athkorbrar, meaning "wood of black craft" and Firvan, meaning "dark forest", both later simplified and translated to Blackwood and known as Blackwood Wanderers

Personality: Calm, thoughtful, though her manners could change drastically. In one moment she may be personable and helpful, though in the next she could seem cold mannered and withdrawn.

Appearance: Being of a little known race which comes in the appearance of a mere mortal, she boasts only simple, though pleasant features. Hair a straight rusty brown, it is often pulled into a tie to keep it from hindering her vision. With a figure that is relatively tall at 5' 10", she is agile, though a slender build conceals a good deal of strength. Her eyes are of lightest hazel, the only aspect of her features which sets her apart from others, though those of her own race carry this distinct difference as well.

Clothing: Dalria is simply clad, wearing mostly forest colored garbs, though on occasion she will don a thick leather armor of a dull brown and a drape-cloak of the same deep brown.

Weapons/Equipment: A few small, light daggers tucked into convenient locations. One hefty broadsword bestowed with the name Firavel, simple in design, but with a strength hardly strained in her combat years, the blade having a dark finish, while the hilt is of black enamel with a single red jewel. At first glance, the gem could be thought to be in the likeness of the Great Eye...

The picture I have chosen for her so far (until I do a proper sketch of my own :D ) :

Steed or travel companion: None besides the occasional "burrowed" or rented horse.

History: Little is known of Dalria and her Blackwood followers, but it was once revealed that her race came to existence during Sauron's preparations and beginnings for war in between 1600 and 1700 of the Second Age. They were known as the Sae'Athkorbrar, an elite few who were skilled in weapon and sharp of mind, while their appearances were so alike to the race of Men, thus allowing them to mingle unnoticed. They were, however, an immortal race.

Dalria excelled in training, and despite her being a female combatant, she was appointed leader of the Sae'Athkorbrar. She was regarded as a high authority during the years of Sauron's growth in strength, and given the task of leading those under her command to battle against the Last Alliance, but all went awry for her and the Sae'Athkorbrar when Sauron was defeated at the end of the Second Age.

They scattered and concealed themselves among the race of Men, until peace was known for many years. Only then did they dare emerge to regroup, for they were still immortal and their lack of aging was stirring rumors among those with whom they dwelt. From the point of their discovery, they were referred to as the Blackwood Wanderers, though few knew their true point of origin.

There were those who turned to the Blackwood in search of criminal hunters and expert trackers, and though the remnants of their dark beginnings still flowed through their veins, the Blackwood Wanderers became a well respected group, minding their own but fulfilling the tasks assigned to them by Dalria.

Dalria's reasons for accepting these assignments from officials of various cities never was revealed, but often rumor would have it that she was keeping the Blackwood Wanderers in condition, for the time when their title of Sae'Athkorbrar would be restored.

Author:  Eomira [ July 1st, 2007, 1:51 pm ]
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Oooo. Sounds interesting

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