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Author:  SI~Dhodrimme [ December 30th, 2005, 1:06 pm ]
Post subject:  My Characters ~Newest: Dalria Blackwood-Sae'Athkorbrar~

I've decided to combine my lesser characters in one post, to make it easier, since I have so many. lol.

Author:  SI~Dhodrimme [ December 30th, 2005, 1:11 pm ]
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Name: Tahlavain Aeronna
Translation: Blade-spirit, law/order-keeper

Race: Elf

Age: relatively young at the age of 975

Skills: She is excellent in swordsmanship, and a champion in archery. She also knows how to hold her own when weapons are lacking.

Appearance: Dark, nearly black hair, and crystalline blue eyes, with a fair face. She usually wears light forest clothes, of elven design, but she occasionally wears elven dresses with silver lined cloaks. Always wears a cloak.

Lineage: Unknown.

Weapons: Elven long daggers, elegant bow which she herself made, and a strangely designed sword, akin to an elven design, but straighter and with a pale blue blade matching her eyes, inset with several small blue gems. It also had a deep blue hilt with silver vine designs and a large grey stone set deeply in the end of the hilt. The sword was named Corasar, Legend-Seeker.

History: Tahlavain was found as a young elf child, outside the gates of Rivendell. None knew how she came to be there, but they noticed something strange in the child as soon as she was taken in, a sort of air about her. They named her Tahlavain, meaning Blade-Spirit, for she carried, or more so dragged, a strangly designed sword when she first came, and had appeared as though she were a spirit, for no one had seen her come. She was intelligent, and strong minded, and would often be found burying herself in books of ancient texts.

When she was a bit older, she was watching the training of elven archers, and insisted on taking up a bow. Tahlavain became well known for her surpassing skill in the bow, at the young age of 16, just a mere child in elf years. But that wasn't enough. She insisted on learning the skill of both elven and broad blade. Becoming well learned in the art of combat, she would often be found sparring with older elves, masters of the art, but was never satisfied with her own skill and longed to be tested in true combat.

Her chance came when she was in her early hundreds, as she was visiting an outer village, a horde of orcs attacked suddenly with no warning. She had with her the same strange blade she had been found with as a child, which she had named Corasar, meaning Legend-Seeker. The elves accompanying her claimed they saw a strange glow in her eyes and the sword, and her fighting was unmatched, as though the spirit of some great warrior had entered the young elf maiden and controled her precise movements. Tahlavain denied this, and insisted she had not fought any better than the rest of them, and managed to convince the Elders that she deserved no praise.

Several times in the coming years the same thing was stated, but she would shrug it off. She was uncomfortable with the way the elves of Rivendell looked at her with such overwhelming respect while she went about her daily events. Tahlavain found it hard to get along with such praise that had been going about, so she did her best to avoid public battle encounters, but would often go out on her own to seek the thrill of combat. For such renowned efforts in keeping peace and providing defense and protection in several villages, she was given a second name, Aeronna, meaning Law/Order-Keeper.


-A Modern day character-
Name: Angela Collins, or occasionally called Angle (not Angel, mind you, but Angle, like right angle. lol) With Angle Motion being her contact name.

Specialty: Tracking criminals, solving problems, fitting in, mostly special ops, and field agent work

Age: 25

Skills: hand to hand combat, excellent marksman with both handgun and sniper rifle, and overall very athletic and agile.

Appearance: Red hair pulled back in a ponytail, and fair skin with a healthy tan. A fairly lovely face when she smiles, though her expression is firm most of the time. Brow eyes. Constantly wears black, mostly in leather (matrix style! ^^) Usually in the fashion of a tight black leather tank top, leather pants and boots. Also wears sunglasses and a trenchcoat that her close friend Creg gave her, and is very useful in hiding her weapons.

Weapons: several various handguns, one on her side holster, one holstered at each of her legs, and one on a holster at her back. Also has a 22-250 sniper rifle with 40x scope, and uses 50gr ballistic tip bullets. (shatters on impact, severe fatal damage, yet little trace of bullet because it shatters ^^ muwahaha)

Vehicle of transportation: A lot of times a motorcycle, but more often a BMW Z-4 convertable, red, and slightly modified for her needs as a solo agent.

History: Angle (as she is often called) had a strict father who was also a secret agent for the CIA, and being the only child, she took the place of a son. Following in her father's footsteps, Angle entered training at an early age, excelling in all areas. A conflict with the agency, a branch seperate from the main CIA which had somehow been currupted, involving her father, who was killed, and a close friend caused her to drop out and go solo. She never spoke about it, but it was always a sore subject.

Angle was now solo, chasing criminals, investigating the corruption within the agency, and running from their loyal agents. She had a few contacts within the agency, but most of her contacts were fellow former agents gone solo. The close friend who had been involved with the conflict with the corrupted agency and her father, was assisting her in a mission when he was killed by field agents while the two tried to escape. Angle was even more bitter after that, and turned against the currupted agency, not holding back anymore when it came to killing.

Name: Coraliaera Nuonnahel

Translation: Shadow Song of Legend, Keeper of the Ancient Tears

Race: Elf

Title: High Elf and Keeper of the Ancient Tears, Gem Stones of Light from the Land of Valinor.

Age: Unknown (I think she forgot... lol)

Appearance: Long black and somewhat wavy hair. Striking green eyes, light as a forest beech leaf with darker lines deep within. A face which is fair, though somewhat pale in complexion, with a kind smile. Slim, tall, yet with good strength, though it is hidden beneath a very ladyish figure.

Personality: Kind, caring, and a polite, proper manner, though can be witty and very mysterious at times. Has the air of royalty at times, but is very good at hiding it and can seem as though she is like any other elf.

Attire: Though her figure suits well in a dress, she commonly wears tracker's attire, with a long, large cloak, dark in color.

Weapons: An elven sword, forged in Valinor, and an ancient dagger, made at the beginning of the elven times. Also wields a bow, light in color with intricate designs.

Other: Carries with her on a slender silver chain, a pure white gem, more so a crystal, which dims grey if she is wounded or saddened, or shimmers brightly if she is in battle or if she's joyful.

History: Very mysterious, she comes and goes, so her history is very shadowed and for the most part unknown. The gem she carries is said to have been crafted from the pure light of the undying lands and have powers to enable the keeper to have knowledge, wisdom, and strength. Coraliaera is the keeper of such gems, though the others are hidden, and rarely revealed, being a precious treasure to the elves and a gift from the Valar. These gems are named the Ancient Tears.

Coraliaera went through many battles and trials, though for the most part she traveled alone, prefering the stealth and secrecy of being unseen or unoticed.


Name: Arinae Renlith

Race: Mortal

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Appearance: Fair skin, and redish blonde wavy hair, waist length, but often pulled back. Dark green eyes. Usually wears tracker/ranger's garb, with a Lorien cloak given to her as a gift.

Abilities: Rather good at tracking, archery, and surviving in the wild, taught to her by the elves of Lorien, as well as swordsmanship taught to her by a friend in Rohan.

Weapons: An elven bow, and a broadsword in Rohan fashion, named Aerisar.

Personality: Youthful and energetic, yet careful in the way she goes about, she is kind and caring and polite, but still cautious around strangers.

Animals: A horse named Stardance, given to her by a friend in Rohan, white in color with a few specks of silver-grey here and there.

History: Arinae was a Rohan child, orphaned at a young age, and a close friend of the family, Elonyn, took her in, but when she was 7, they were traveling when somehow along the way they were seperated. Arinae met with a few elves of Lothlorien, and it was there her name was given to her, and they raised and taught her in the way of the elves. When she was 17, 10 years after she had been seperated from those of Rohan, she had never forgotten Elonyn, and took her leave of the elves, returning to Rohan. She remained there for a while and Elonyn was overjoyed at the long awaited return of Arinae. Arinae took that time to learn how to weild a broadblade, and was given a sword, which she named in the tongue of the Lorien elves she had grown to call family. After having spent her 22nd birthday with the Rohirrim, Arinae longed to return to the elves, and did so, though Elonyn was woeful at her leaving but gave her a horse of the best stock of Rohan, which Elonyn herself had named Stardance. Arinae was greeted warmly by her elven family in Lorien, though few of the elves still remained, and stayed there happily for the time being.


Name: Eleshna
Also named : Shadow Dancer
Race: Elf
Age: Not sure...
Gender : female
Appearance: Tall, slim yet strong, long chestnut hair pulled up in a ponytail. Often wears elven hunting garb, mostly forest colors. Has striking green eyes, intelligent and bright.
Personality: Usually silent and careful, rare to speak of her past, but kind and caring. Despite the silent and calm way about her, Eleshna can be fierce in battle.
Other: Is known as a keeper of shadow spirits and can blend with the forest and remain unseen whenever situations require.


Eleshna was born in a small elven village, and remained there until the village was distroyed, her parents killed. A strange man who had been visiting the village rescued the young Eleshna, leaving her as one of the very few survivors, and led her far away, tending the wounds she recieved during the attack. He told her his name was Nasar, and that he was a guardian of sorts, and could teach her how to fend for herself and live in the wild with no assistance. Nasar had strange powers, which fascinated Eleshna, and she became drawn to learning from the strange elf. Before he could accept her as a student, he made her swear an oath, under pain and blood, which bound her services to him, her pain being his pain and his pain being her pain. She had a taste of what she would be going through in the coming years, but she was still yet young and continued on.

After several years, Nasar had taught Eleshna how to read several langauges, even ancient unknown ones, and he had also trained her in the skill of sword and bow, as well as tracking, stalking, and basically hunting. He would send her on missions, to assasinate certain people or hunt them down and take them to certain destinations, and told her he could end her life in an instant if ever once he found out she had failed him. She became a ruthless hunter, and hid all her emotion, but deep within she longed to be free of Nasar.

When Eleshna had gained his full trust, Nasar handed to her the control of Shadows, spirits of lost warriors, deadly and fearsome, along with a blade which protected the wielder from the Shadows. Eleshna discovered that these Shadows had the ability to come between the strongest of bonds, and prevent any harm from coming to her if she wanted to escape Nasar's control for a while. The freedom became addictive and she decided to leave permanently. She confronted Nasar, and after a breif battle, used the Shadows to hold him back while she made a run for it. Eleshna never turned back, and remained hidden and on the run, joining various groups now and then, playing the role of a common elf.

After a while, Eleshna came to believe that the Shadows had ended the master's reign, and she became more easy going. She used her Shadows now and then if she were in tight with enemy, though she regreted it, since many a times it took the life of the companions who would be with her at the time. She grew into the habit of refusing to get to know those she traveled with, so if ever there came a time if they died, she would not feel so great a loss. This was what she had been trained to do, and she hated doing it, but she saw no other choice.


Soon to Come: Maihele

Author:  SI~Dhodrimme [ December 30th, 2005, 2:30 pm ]
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Name: Maihele Ali'Bealathavain (See end of posts for edited work)

Author:  Eomira [ December 31st, 2005, 12:39 pm ]
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Author:  Jax Nova [ December 31st, 2005, 12:44 pm ]
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Wow! that's allot of reading. (for me anyway)

Great Job though!

Author:  SI~Dhodrimme [ December 31st, 2005, 12:59 pm ]
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Thank you, Jax lol ^^

O_O Hehe, sorry, Eomira, I was tired and lonely and depressed when I wrote that.... and angry, very angry, at death <<

Author:  Jax Nova [ December 31st, 2005, 1:04 pm ]
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hm... that sounds bad.

But I know what you mean, you should see some of the things I write when I am depressed.... or maybe I should say you shouldn't see them. *shrugs*

Author:  SI~Dhodrimme [ December 31st, 2005, 1:14 pm ]
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Ha yeah... I've written some depressing things before as well... but *shrugs* it helps get it all out of the system I guess...

Author:  Jax Nova [ December 31st, 2005, 1:16 pm ]
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Yeah, it does.... Although if you showed some of my songs I wrote when i was depressed to a shrink (does not know how to spell phsyciotrist... )
They would probably say I was emotionaly disturbed or something.... some of them get pretty bad.. as in depresing and disturbing now htat I look back.

But you are right it did help, allot!

Author:  SI~Dhodrimme [ December 31st, 2005, 1:30 pm ]
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eh, yeah, same here... lol

Author:  Jax Nova [ December 31st, 2005, 3:37 pm ]
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well, great job! (sorry to be cloging the posts up)

Author:  SI~Dhodrimme [ December 31st, 2005, 3:46 pm ]
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^^ No problem And thanks

Author:  Jax Nova [ January 4th, 2006, 7:39 pm ]
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So how long does it take you to think all this stuff up?

Author:  Jax Nova [ January 4th, 2006, 7:39 pm ]
Post subject: 

So how long does it take you to think all this stuff up?

Author:  SI~Dhodrimme [ January 4th, 2006, 8:05 pm ]
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Hmm... about half an hour ^^ lol. then I write it out for about an hour because I'm a perfectionist. lol

Author:  Jax Nova [ January 5th, 2006, 4:11 pm ]
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Yeah. That can be a good thing some times.. an some times not so good. My mom is like that.

But I don't think it's a bad thing when it comes to writing, the better it is... well... the better it is.

I have often herd that lots of writers get there ideas from things in there life... but since I have never realy done that I wondered how many realy do.... *shrugs*

Things like loosing somone close to you... a good or bad expirience... all I know is that when I am depressed I write better songs and poetry. ??

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