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Author:  Falathiel Lothendhel [ February 26th, 2006, 6:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Falath's Charries

Lotr charrie:

Name-Falathiel Lothenedhel

Translation- huntress


Birth Year-SA 1454

Skills-very skilled with all weapons especially the bow and sword, telepathy, forsight like her mother, and can talk to animals.



Face-resembles her mother only a much younger version

Lineage- Mother- Galadirel
Father- Celeborn

Siblings-Celebrian and Elenanna and Revion

Married?- No

Children?- No

Weapons- Mithril longsword called Caladwen, elvish longbow with quiver,
mithril daggers, one called Anor (sun) the other Nim

Animals-Glandur, daughter of Shadowfax, immortal white wolfess called Ithilwen and a dark wolf named Morambar, immortal light grey stage called Nimaras

Basic clothing: light green tunic with silver etchings and brown breeches with leather boots and halfchaps or white gown also owns a light blue lorien cloack.
Battle: silver tunic with breeches and armor. Wears a small helm with a wolf carved into it. Breast plate is embordered with the wolf, her symbol

History- Falathiel was born in Lothlorien three years after her sister, Elenanna. She was raised as a warriror and became a master archer and swordsman. At a young age, she was accepted as a Warden and also showed great potential in magic. She also closely resembled her mother only in a much younger form. Her skill, intelligance, and beauty made her known as the Huntress of Lorien. Once her training was complete she left Lorien to seek adventure, ignoring Galadriel's wishes, which lead her to Ainion. The two elves fell in love and were engaged but he was sadly lost in battle.

In grief, she returned home and re-took her post in the Wardens. She was one of the Wardens who escorted the fellowship in Lothlorien. She temporarily accompanied the fellowship and arrived with Aragorn in Rohan. However, she preferred the company of Eowyn, and went with her into battle. She was also present at the coronation of Aragorn and his wedding to Arwen. Afterward a few years of roaming, she went home to Lothlorien and began to train her skills in magic, like her mother wished. She studied magic there for several years learning of her powers and developing forsight. She is the heir to the Mirrormere. She is now a wanderer travelling from Rivendell to Lothlorien to Minas Tirth. She is a guardian over her two nieces and usually accompanies her sister, Elenanna on journeys. She seeks a husband but will travel to the Undying Lands when the prophecy about her sister and her nieces is fulfilled.

Author:  Falathiel Lothendhel [ February 26th, 2006, 6:24 pm ]
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X-Men charries:

Powers-controls all forms of water and can handle large quanities like ocean water near the shore which also means she has some weather abilites (ei.rain storm, blizzard)
Personality:shy, quite, stubborn, can be very friendly and outgoing if she gets to know you, a wanderer, clever

Name:Janet Grey
Codename:Dark Raven
Apperance:a younger version of her sister
Family:sister to Jean Grey
Powers:telepathy and telekinetic
Personality: a wild child, reckless, clever, outgoing

Author:  Falathiel Lothendhel [ March 2nd, 2006, 12:55 pm ]
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Name: Gwyn Deathsong
Race: 1/2 Elf, 1/2 Nymph
Loyalty: Rebel of the empire
Age: n/a
Occupation: bounty hunter, assasin, high huntress in the elf realms
Weapons: long bow with carvings of vines, quiver of gryphon arrows, daggers
Pets: white mare called Fara
Appearance: very dark red hair with blue eyes. tall and fair. often wears a wool green or black leather tunic. occasionally she'll wear a blue archer's dress. ... VD_176.jpg
Personality: hot-tempered, clever, fearless, loyal, noble
Powers: elf-can talk to animals, telepathy, telikinetic, healing abilities
nymph-control fire and wind (very small amounts)
Other: She was orphaned as a baby but later discovered the identity of her parents. She was raised with elves and became a skilled archer but is very poor with any nymph powers she inherited as they are undeveloped. Gwyn has wandered around the empire but her home is within the elves forest.

Author:  Falathiel Lothendhel [ March 2nd, 2006, 12:58 pm ]
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Star Wars:

I like to play Padme when she's avaliable but I have a few charries of my own:

Name:Winada Damillia
Rank:was a Padawan (nearly a jedi)
Apperance:Long black hair, and blue eyes. Very pretty and slender. As maid she wears a flame dress with a hood like the maids in Episode I. she also likes to wear a white battle outfit like Padme's in Episode II.
History:Her parents were the former senators of Alderan before Bail Organa and she is the niece of Queen Jamillia. At age twelve, she discovered she had some power in the force and wanted to become a jedi. Her parents, wanting to keep their only child safe would not give her permission. She, knowing how to fly a small fighter incase of evacuations, ran away to Coruscant and started training at the jedi temple. She has a cousin named Sarwi, who is also a padawan. Now she is in hiding and is looking for a position as a maid.

Name:Sarwi Jamillia
Rank:was a Padawan
Appearance:Brown hair and brown eyes. Not as pretty as her cousin but still good looking. Usually wears a big black cloak over the usual jedi outfit. (like anakins in episode III)
History:This is queen Jamillia's daughter. Sarwi was in the Legaslative Youth Program and is highly knowledgable about politics. At age ten, her father sent her to Coruscant to train. At the time he did not know his neice was also in training. Sarwi and Winada are best friends. Sarwi, became very angry with lack of action in the senate and jedi took an intrest in the dark forces. She isn't on the Dark Side(yet) but is well on her way.

Author:  Falathiel Lothendhel [ November 24th, 2006, 6:42 pm ]
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Name-Revion Lothenedhel

Translation- Wanderer of Lorien

Birth Year-SA 1490

Skills-Efficient warrior with the sword, can travel long distances, can converse with animals but with difficulty, and is very good with using psychology and words to manipulate to get what he wants.

Hair-dark silver

Eyes-dark Silver-blue

Face-Long, with a prominent chin and a roguish smile His overall complexion is darker then his mother and sisters.

Lineage- Mother- Galadriel
Father- Celeborn

Siblings-Celebrian, Elenanna, Falathiel

Married?- No

Children?- No

Weapons- A long bow and a long, slender sword made in Rivendell called Nwame (torment). Also has a dagger called Nar (fire)

Animals-A black stallion called Fuin, small grey she-cat called Lalaith, and a dog (resembles Australian shepherd) named Emerwen

Basic clothing-Not in battle- light brown tunic with a leather belt with dark brown breeches and riding boots.
Battle- dark purple tunic with full, light armor with a helm. Nothing fancy or elaborate but shows his rank.

Personality: He is quick to anger but keeps his anger hidden and in control. He is sly, cunning, and prefers to work through people to get what he wants but comes up with his ideas independently. He is jealous of his older sisters as he neither has their bravery nor their skills in magic or in the use of various weapons. He fights with words and manipulation rather then weapons.

Author:  Falathiel Lothendhel [ November 26th, 2006, 1:07 am ]
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Name: Christian Rinold

Age: 29

Nationality: United States

Division: First Lieutenant in USMC

Call sign: Rascal

Appearance: dark brown hair, blue eyes, medium height, stocky, buff

Weapons: M16 and assualt rifle

Special Skills: Speaks Spanish very well, trained to parachute, acts and sings on stage (if he has time which he usually doesn't), also has some medical training

Personality: loves to laugh and tease. He is slow to anger. Intelligent and quick-witted. Goal-oriented, focuses when he needs to, but for the most part he is outgoing and friendly.

History: Christian is the oldest of seven kids and raised in a happy but poor family. He earned good grades in school and graduated early but decided to join the military instead of head to a university.

Author:  Falathiel Lothendhel [ January 7th, 2007, 12:43 am ]
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Name: Rialyn
Race: elf
Age: 96
Hair: platinum blonde/silver
Eyes: violet
Skin: creamy porcelain color
Appearance: tall and slender with full crimson lips and large eyes. Stronger then she looks.
normal- White breeches tucked into knee high boots with a green tunic covered by a dark brown leather jerkin.
battle- Black leather outfit covered with various pieces of armor such as silver arm guards, silver chest plate.
Jewelry: none
Weapons: bow and a quiver of arrows, also a long sword called “Lothwen
Powers: magic user in the Anciet Language
Married: no
Children: no
Personality: Wise and calm though she won’t suffer fools. Slow to anger but when she does stay out of her way.

Author:  Falathiel Lothendhel [ January 7th, 2007, 12:47 am ]
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Name: Emma Chase

Age: 21

Height: 5'7"

Appearance.: slender witout being bony. Long blonde hair and bright green eyes

Pets: A gray cat named "Moki" and a german sheperd called "Singer"

Job:Assistant Head of Fashion

Personality: Outgoing and fiesty. She often jokes and uses sarcasm. Though she can be nasty, she has a good heart and likes to please everyone. However, she takes her job very seriously and if anything goes wrong prepare for her to be anything but calm.

Martial Status: single

Author:  Falathiel Lothendhel [ January 7th, 2007, 12:52 am ]
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Name: Nyalna

Age: depends on Rp

Color: white

Mate: none

Size/Conformation: very tall but slender and sleek. She's built for speed and grace

Fire color:purple

Gender: female

Personality: Nyalna is playfully and intelligent. She doesn't angry easily or hold grudges unless you seriously get her worked up. She brushes off insults against her and is usually the one you can count on to be positive. Rarely is she depressed or pessimistic unless you count pessimistic sarcasm

Author:  Falathiel Lothendhel [ January 7th, 2007, 1:05 am ]
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Name: William Rebak

Race: Human

Gender: M


Appearance: Tall man with short, slick backed silver hair.

Personality: Stern, wise and cunning but shows it through what some would say vigorous discipline, disapproves of women in the army unless they prove worthy and capable of fighting.

Occupation: General of the Army
Weapons: sword

Powers/Element: none

Loyalty: rebels

Author:  Falathiel Lothendhel [ January 7th, 2007, 1:07 am ]
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Name: Abigail Black

Age: 27

Nationality: Britain (Father is an American)

Division: Field Agent or Operational Officer in SIS

Call sign: Fox

Appearance: Short and slender with great agile. Blonde hair that goes a little beneath her shoulders and blue eyes.

Weapons: Kahr P45 handgun

Personality: An excellent liar and actress but normally she is a bit uptight and has a hard time making friends quickly. Not very good with first impressions but once she gets to know you, she'll gets a bit warmer. Prone to using sarcasm. Intelligant but also prideful and has a hard time being proven wrong.
History: Her father was a member of the FBI before retiring and several members of the family on her mother's side, including her grandfather, were agents for MI6. From a young age, she was taught self-defense and how to use weapons. She followed in her father's footsteps and is usually called on forgien assignments.

Author:  Falathiel Lothendhel [ January 7th, 2007, 1:09 am ]
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Name:Gwendolyn Lupin

Nickname:Gwen or Tonks, whatever floats your boat

Parents:Remus and Nymphadora Lupin

Year: fifth




wand:12" inches, willow, pheonix feather


love interest: none

apperance:changes because she inherited her
mother's gift when she hasn't changed shape she has dark blonde hair and is about 5' 6" tall. Wears cute, sporty outfits.
casual: ... copy-3.jpg

personality:very out going and fiesty. reckless. doesn't care what people think about her. has temper problems and frequent mood swings.

Author:  Falathiel Lothendhel [ January 7th, 2007, 1:11 am ]
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Name: Therese
Nicknames: Essa, Ther
Age: 17
Gender: female
Appearance: long, curly dark blonde hair with bright green eyes. Tall, slender, and beautiful but she does not think so.

Personality: Therese is very cunning and creative. She is into the arts and it is how she earns money. She tends to be hot-tempered and is known for her sarcasm, and occasional harshness. She is also known for getting into squabbles and fist fights. On the outside, she is tough and fearless but inside she is very sensitive and worries.

History: Nothing is known about Therese's birth or parentage. She was found wandering about the streets of Paris by some gypsies with her twin brother at the age of nine. They had no memory of their parents and lived in the Paris catacombs, stealing food to live. The gypsies were a group of street performers and they took them in. This particular group would put on small plays, dance, sing, and play instruments. Therese began as a simple helper. She'd cook meals, clean, and help with performances by taking care of props and such. As she grew older, she became one of their performers and she regularily dances, sings, and acts on street corners. She also is now the apprentice to one of their fortune tellers.


Name: Dashiell
Nicknames: Dash
Age: 17
Gender: male
Appearance: wavy dark brown hair with bright green eyes. He is also tall with a slim, muscular build.

Personality: Dashiell is a quiet, silent type. He is not shy but often he just doesn't have anything to say. He is very sensible and opinionated but usually keeps his comments to himself after seeing how much trouble Therese gets into.

History: The same as his twin but instead of being one of the main performers, Dashiell plays a wooden flute and deals horses. But his main job is navigating through the catacombs to deliver messages, steal food, or simply hide the gypsies.

Author:  Falathiel Lothendhel [ January 7th, 2007, 12:38 pm ]
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Name: Lana

Race: Vritch-1/2 witch 1/2 human

Gender: female

Age: appears 18 but is more along the lines of 200

Hair:pale silver/whiteish hair


Body Type:tall and slender with a dancers build and strength.

Personality: Luna is tenatious and a bit tempestous. She pushes herself and those around her. She likes to be right and has a bit of a hard time being wrong. She's confident and can be a little obnoxious sometimes. She is often mistaken for mean and hot-headed but things in her past have led her to be so.

Occupation: A General in the army at White Leaf

Weapons: sword or glaive.

Powers/Element: telekinetics, scrying, and fire. Also has the ability to completely or partially change herself into an animal

Loyalty: rebels

History: From a young age, Lana has been resented and shunned by others. She was beaten and cast out of villages for being a vritch. Her mother was murdered in front of her. Once she was held captive by Gladias and nearly burned at the stake. Not much is known about it but more will be revealed in the rp.

Author:  Falathiel Lothendhel [ January 7th, 2007, 12:39 pm ]
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Name: Yaska

Race:Nocturn (see DIVIDED rp for description)


Age: unknown

Appearance: Basic nocturn; in daylight form she has dark purple hair and black eyes. Tall and wears black leather.

Personality: She is quiet and prefers her night form. She kills only because it is her nature to kill and because she is bound to serve Gladias. Yaska likes to be alone and instead of hunting with the rest of the Nocturn, she independently hunts.

Powers: Basic nocturn powers

Author:  Falathiel Lothendhel [ January 7th, 2007, 12:41 pm ]
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Name: Alya

Race: Planis (cat humanoid)


Age:unknown looks about twenty

Hair: off white

Eyes: yellow

Body type:Short and slender.

Clothing: She usually wears a green tunic, brown breeches, with dark riding boots.

Personality: Alya is curious. She'll defy her elders if she is interested in something. She is stubborn and cunning but she doesn't really think before she acts. Also she is joker and loves to pun.

Occupation: none

Weapons: hunting knife, bow and quiver of arrows

Powers/Element: n/a

Loyalty: neutral

History: There is not much to be said about her history. Since she was born, she has lived in Eldenswell. Safely hidden among, the trees she was mentored by another planis, Bran. But recently he has died and since then she has merely tried to survive on her own.

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