Over hill, over dale....The Journey of the Three
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Author:  Jax Nova [ December 25th, 2017, 2:21 am ]
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Kano was glad Grihias had taken the news so well. He also was glad to know that Gaelrin's secret would be safe. The last thing they needed was someone finding out who would raise issue with the idea.

Kano's smile faded as Gaelrin mentioned his exhausted appearance. He tried to shrug it off, but he knew he needed rest. He would be going to war... They both would. They would need all the rest they could get.

"I would like that," Kano replied with a smile as Gaelrin offered for him to join them in their tent. Not only would it save him the trouble and time of setting up his own, but he welcomed the idea of having Gaelrin nearby.

He looked at her and smiles, gazing at her face for a time. It seemed to him that he saw the same weary spirit in her. He knew her ankle would still be causing her much pain. He Thanked the maker that, though his had not regained normal mobility, the pain was rarely an issue except on long hard days.

"Here, let me get your things, if you don't mind," Kano offered before Gaelrin took her things off Sandy. "I know you must still be in pain from your I juries. Let me carry your load and give your ankles a rest."

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Dunhama melted with Athilda’s kiss, and they walked with arms around each other toward the fire that was nearest to the tent that had been set for them. His comrades took into consideration that they were newlyweds likely to part when the muster was done, and they were set far to the end of the line, near the Dimholt Road. Dunhama’s his thoughts had turned to thinking of a way to get Athilda a place in the company riding to Gondor. Even though they were riding to battle, there would be a need of healers. They would have to stay to the rear of the riders, and would have to be ready to fight should their line fail. They walked silently toward the tent and paused by the small watchfire not far away from it. Though it was late and the watch was already past the midnight hour into the early morn, but Dunhama was restless. He turned to Athilda and said,

”This I am afraid is the comfort one gets while in the field, and as such, this is a blessing my love. Yet I feel I cannot sleep.”

The yellow dance of the nearby fire made its shadowy presence well known, and Dunhama turned and looked over to it and said,

”I may sit out here by the fire for a time until my weariness overtakes me. Its warmth calls to me. Come and sit with me my dear wife if you wish. If you are tired, go and lay down, and I will join you shortly."

Dunhama smiled at Athilda and brushed a wayward lock from her cheek then slid his arm around her waist as he turned and looked at the fire, watching the flames dance and feeling its warmth.

~ ~ ~

Lady Railan accompanied Lady Eowyn as she sought out and found Aragorn in the Dunedain camp by their fire. It wasn’t long before Lady Eowyn gave her leave for the night, so she wandered the everbuilding encampment in Dunharrow. When she saw Lady Annienna, she curtsied and asked her,

”My lady, may I walk with you? I wish to learn more from you of the gods… the valar whom you spoke of.”

Lady Annienna paused and looked at the young woman. She smiled and said,

”I have little time Lady Railan, but you may accompany me. I go to see two who have been injured in the fighting at Helms Deep. Maybe you can assist me?”

Railan smiled, feeling the aura of strength and wisdom radiating from the Elf. She didn’t want to interfere with her work or knew what she could do to help, but Railan thought of her words at Meduseld, and thinking of them, it seemed to strengthen her. They walked over to where Gaelrin and Kano were setting camp and the sat down by the fire. Railan looked over to the next fire, and saw Dunhama and Athilda standing by another fire. She sighed. When Lady Annienna said to her,

”Mortal lives are so filled with hope and strength, yet so frail. I wish to help as much I can here.”

But word had come to Annienna that all the Dunedain, with Legolas of the woodland realm, Gimli of Erebor, and Elrohir and Elladan, her husband, were going to take the Dimholt Road ere first light. The haste had to do with visions Aragorn saw when he was gazing into the Palantir. What he saw he spoke naught, but with the wizard Gandalf having rode away with speed with one of the halflings, the seriousness of their situation was drawing closer and beginning to boil. They wished not to dishearten the Rohirrim by announcing their route, and so hoped to slip away in silence in the early dawn without raising alarm. When Gaelrin looked over, she smiled and waved, saying,

”Gaelrin of Rohan, come! You too sir. I wish to see your healing progress. I wish to give you help with your healing. You are in pain, no?”

She waved her hand in offer to have them sit with her by the fire. She gripped Railan’s hand and Railan felt a warmth flow into her as Gaelrin and Kano came over to sit. Annienna seemed to go into a trance and Railan felt her drawing on her strength making Railan feel weary, but held tight to Annienna’s hand. Though she felt weary and drained, Railan felt also that Annienna was imparting knowledge into her. She strained to hold on to consciousness as Annienna’s hand hovered over Gaelrin’s ankle.

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"Oh...yes." Gaelrin turned to face Kano and smiled kindly towards him; as he shouldered her pack, the weight on her legs lessened.
"Thank you, Kano."
Her voice held a hint of underlying thanks, not just for carrying her load, but for being her friend through this difficult time. A cool breeze blew past them and picked up the ends of her hair as she walked with Kano back to their tent.
Gaelrin stopped in her tracks as she heard her name being called, and as she lifted her face to see the source, she recognized the woman as the elven healer from the reception. The hairs on her arms stood up and she shivered, but with Kano giving her a nod, she hobbled over to the Lady and stood next to her.
The next thing that happened was....strange....and her ankle felt warm and cold simultaneously, and as she glanced up at the maid who had looked at Dunhama, she was surprised to see her loosing consciousness.
Gaelrin furrowed her brows and glanced up at Kano with concern in her eyes.
"I...I'm sorry, m'lady? Is...will she be alright? She does not look well."
"My brave husband, I would be most happy to spend my time out amongst the stars, with you."
A cool wind nearly took her breath away as it blew into her now damp clothes, and she shivered, but she glanced at the fire, knowing it would keep them warm.
She walked with Dunhama over to the fire, and sat down on a log, and for a few moments, there was nothing but the sound of footfall, tents flapping and of the fire crackling in the dark sky.
Athilda took a long breath in and rested her head on Dunhamas' shoulder as she exhaled.
"Why does it seem that only darkness lies ahead of us?"
She looked above the flames and into the night sky.

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Kano also watched with wonder. He had not experienced such effects before not seen them. He gave a gentle shrug to Gaelrin and then glanced back to the healer and the young women beside her. He waited for an answer, but his eyes seemed less patient than his face.

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Lady Annienna’s eyes fluttered and she reached her hand to Gaelrin’s cheek.

”Yes, she will be well. I needed her strength and I am grateful for her assistance, and she will be rewarded in kind.”

A dull golden glow erupted around Gaelrin’s ankle, and Lady Annienna closed her eyes and fell back into Railan, and they both lay on the ground. Lady Annienna said without openening her eyes,

”It is done. Your pain is gone, but you will always have a limp Gaelrin. I am sorry Kano, I have nothing left to give for you.”

She opened her eyes and sat up, turning to Railan who lay next to her. Railan opened her eyes and stared at the black sky, and Lady Annienna stood and helped Railan to her feet.

”Come child. You need much rest and the night grows long.”

She embraced Railan and they walked away slowly together into the night, leaving Gaelin with an ankle without pain.


Dunhama put his arm around Athilda and said as he looked skyward. He said,

”If only the darkness lay ahead, but alas, it has come to us.”

He pointed to a feint star that should have been one of the brightest in the sky, but the blackness of Mordor quickly snuffed it out. He said,

”It may be a long time before we again will see the stars my love.”

A damp icy breath of wind blew down from the mountains and the fire danced about, both warming and chilling them. When the fire popped loudly, an ember shot out toward them, Dunhama leaned into Athilda and it flew by hissing. Dunhama looked at the fire, then the sky. He stood up and turned to the east and shook his fist and cried out.

”You will not take these few precious moments of joy from us!”

Dunhama’s anger at the Dark Lord caused him to tense with hatred at having their lives interrupted in the prime of their wedlock. Athilda stood up beside him and gave him a comforting hug before taking his hand to lead him away from the fire.

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At first, Gaelrin didn't know what was happening to her; all she could see was a strange golden light around her ankles...and a warmth surrounded them. As the moments passed though, she suddenly realized that her pain was gone.
Her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open in shock and disbelief as the Lady reassured her of what had just happened to her. Her eyes dropped to her feet and a smile beamed across her face as she shifted between her feet without any pain.
With a breathy laugh, Gaelrin looked up to see the Lady and the maid walking away, and she shook her head...still unable to believe what had just happened.
Not long after the pair went inside a tent, Gaelrin turned and smiled at Kano then limped over to him; as she neared him, she took his hands into hers and squeezed them.
"Come, let us go back into the tent. Perhaps we will be able to get a few hours of rest before the day breaks."
Athilda gasped, having been startled by the fire and by her husbands' angry voice shouting to the east. But she wrapped her arms around him and gently kissed his shoulder, then trailed her fingers down his arm until they twined with his fingers.
"Come, my husband. The enemy may try to take away our joy, but let us show him how well we can use the time given to us."
Her voice was but a whisper in his ear, and as she pulled away, she kissed his cheek then led him back to their tent.

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Kano smiled wide, glad to see Gaelrin move so pain free. He took her hand in his and followed her back to the tent. He couldn't help but check over their supplies that were packed for the war. Just one last time to be sure all was there.

He looked over to Gaelrin, excusing himself from the packs. "Sorry," he said with a soft chuckle and a shrug. "Just wanted to be sure we didn't forget anything." He walked over to her and took her hand in his, lifting it gently to his lips.

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Gaelrin's heart nearly beat out of her chest as Kano lifted her hand, and as she felt his lips touch her fingers, she felt heat rise to her cheeks. She shifted nervously on her feet and glanced down for a brief moment, but when she looked back into his eyes and saw the depth of them, she found boldness.
The corners of her lips tilted up into a smile and she leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek. When she pulled away, the smile remained and she shook her head.
"There is no need to apologize, Kano. If we did forget something, though, I'm sure Grihias wouldn't mind snagging it last minute."

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Kano nodded, rubbing his thumb along the back of her hand. "I guess we should see about that sleep," he said, his tone of voice betraying his real desire to stay awake and spend their time together.

Kano looked into Gaelrin's eyes for a long moment, having to fight back the thoughts of, "What if..." So many things could go wrong in a battle. He tried to force the thought away, but as it lingered his grip on Gaelrin's hand tightened. For a moment he almost felt like she was a dream about to float away on the wind.

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Railan was so tired and weak she could barely walk. Annienna held her close and arrived at a tent. She led Railan inside and lay her down. Railan said in a slurring voice,

”What have you done to me?”

“I needed your strength Railan, and you assisted me. You have done very well. I could not bear to see young Gaelrin in such pain.”

Annienna said as she sat down next to her. Railan tried to sit up, but Annienna took her hand and eased her back. Railan asked,

”Will… will I be alright… I feel sick.”

Annienna untied Railan’s hair and ran her fingers through Railan’s long blonde locks. She said,

”You will recover. I had to draw deeply from you, for I could not afford to be unable to ride. Our bond was short but intense, and you have gained much Railan. You will see, but now, you need to rest. Stay with me tonight.”

Railan’s eyes closed as Annienna caressed her cheek, and soon Annienna lay beside her. Not long after, Elladan came in and joined them. He said,

”There will be no morning light, for the darkness of Mordor covers us. Let us rest with the mortal for a time before we go meet Aragorn.”

They were silent, and Railan slept deep and long, not knowing the elves had left in the silence.

~ ~ ~

Dunhama tried to shake off the hatred for the Dark Lord, and the touch of Athilda's healing hand in his calmed him down. She opened the tent and smiled as Dunhama stepped by her and went in. Athilda followed, and they quickly shed their wet clothing and settled under the furs. Dunhama would have to thank his comrades for thinking of them. He watched the firelight dance upon the ten walls, and as he turned his head, he saw Athilda’s silhouette rise over him. He drew her close and said softly,
”My love, these days together fills me with …”

Athilda hushed him with her finger. They had to be quiet, for there were many tents close by…

~ ~ ~
Grihias saw Gaelrin and Kano go into the tent and he smiled. His sister deserved this happiness. He could look after himself, and so went wandering around the camp. Most of the Rohirrim were resting, even as more riders arrived late. He helped get the new arrivals settled by showing them where there was still room. He was looking for a place to sleep when he noticed some men readying to ride. He climbed into a nearby wagon and watched them, but soon fell asleep.

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Gaelrin could feel herself beginning to fade, for the night was upon them and a hush was felt all throughout the camp. But as she looked into Kano's eyes and listened to his voice, she could tell that he was not ready to retire.
Her mouth opened to speak, but Kano's grip on her hand caused her to pause, and as she searched his eyes, she could sense his nerves about her decision.
Her brows knit together and sorrow began to fill her eyes with tears, but something emerged within her-strength. With a breath, she closed the distance between them and kissed him.
"I must admit that I am afraid, Kano...but we cannot let that fear keep us from achieving what needs to be done. I must defend my country, for the safety of my brother...and"
The corners of her mouth lifted into a gentle smile and she closed her eyes as their foreheads touched. This was a moment that she never wanted to forget, and she smiled again as she twined her fingers through his.
Athilda's heart nearly beat out of her chest as she closed the tent flap, but soon she was laying with her husband again and as he looked over to her, she climbed ontop of him and quieted him with her finger.
The corner of her mouth lifted into a small smile as Dunhama's eyes lit up, so she leaned down and gently kissed him on the lips; her long hair fell over her shoulders and pooled onto his chest, and as he deepened the kiss, his scruffy beard scratched at her cheeks and chin.
"I love you, my husband. The Dark Lord can never take that away from us."

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Kano placed a hand on Gaelrin's face as their lips touched. He leaned into the kiss and then smiled as Gaelrin spoke. He mused, was he that easy to read? He was glad, though. He wanted to be an open book, at least with Gaelrin.

He wrapped his arms around her as their foreheads rest against one another. "You speak the truth," he finally said, closing his eyes and finding a calm sense of peace come over him. No matter what happened, they were making the right choice.

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Gaelrin let out a small breath as Kano wrapped his arms around her, and she suddenly wondered if he could hear her heart's rapid pulse.
She felt her cheeks grow warm as she opened her eyes to see his face so close to hers and she rested her hands on his arms then closed her eyes again.
Sleep nearly drew her away from him, so she quickly fluttered her eyes open as she unwillingly pulled away from him.
"Forgive me, Kano; I think it is time for us to rest. We have a long journey ahead of us..."
Her voice trailed off as she thought of the upcoming ride they would have to take.

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Kano nodded reluctantly. "I know..." He said softly, wishing they had more time... Wishing they didn't even have to go. They did, though. He kissed Gaelrin gently and briefly then unwrapped his arms from around her.

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Gaelrin could see the obvious longing in Kanos' eyes as his arms left her; she too felt unwilling to let this moment pass, but pass it must, for her eyelids were beginning to weigh down.
She lifted her gaze up to him and took his hand ass she sat down on her cot.
"Will you...would you lie next to me?"
Her heart raced as she nervously awaited his answer, but she didn't waver in her gaze.

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Kano smiled as Gaelrin made her request. He gently lay a hand on her face and stroked her cheek. The weight of his hand lay her gently down on her cot. With a wordless answer to her question he lay down next to her and lay a hand on her side. He could feel his heartbeat quicken, but a simple and pleasant peace calmed him.

With a gentle kiss to her forehead, Kano whispered. "Sleep, and I will not leave your side."

He closed his own eyes and slowly the stress and hardship of their journey took him into a deep sleep.

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