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 Post subject: Cipher
PostPosted: June 3rd, 2005, 11:35 pm 
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(i just thought id get the alias rpgs started again. here's where we left off)

"I don't trust that she will be safe at home. This is the only safe place I could think of to bring her. If Sloane or my dad have a problem with that, then we can just leave." Sydney said, walking towards her office.

Kali nodded.
"You're right." She said.
"Good idea." She said.

Francie looked around nervously. She followed close to Sydney. "Are you sure it's ok if I'm here?" She whispered.
"Yes!" Sydney said back with a smile. "Of course. Ok, here's my office." Sydney pulled up an extra chair for Francie.

Sydney was wrong about that, APO wasn't a place to be taken lightly, and not just anyone could waltz right through the front door. Kali thought it was a good idea, but still there were things Sydney should have taken into consideration. This person might not even be Francie, and Francie could still be dead.

Sydney looked back at Kali and could tell she was upset. Well, where else can I bring Francie? I don't want her getting kidnapped again. If Kali's not happy about, that's her problem. Sydney thought. "Ok. I have to go talk to a few people, but you can surf the internet and stuff while I'm gone. Just don't go anywhere you don't want people to know about." Sydney teased.
"Thanks Syd. For everything." Francie said with a small smile.

Nadia walked into her office. She sat on the chair and flipped through a folder that was lying on her desk. She stood up impatiently and walked over to Syd.
"Debriefing is in 5 minutes." Nadia said. She shifted around. She was nercvous about something.

Kali looked over at Nadia, she was shifting around uneasily, and she seemed nervous. But why?

"Nadia...what's wrong? Are you upset about Francie being here too?" Sydney was getting frustrated.

(Wow..we need to get this back up)
Kali looked at Nadia and Sydney talking, she wondered what was wrong with Nadia. She looked towards Sydney's office and she saw Francie sitting at Syd's computer.

Sydney stood up and walked out of the debriefing room. She saw her father walking toward her and walked over to him. "Do you have a problem?"
"With what?" Jack asked.
"With Francie being here?"
"Francie? Calfo?" Jack asked, looking around the office.
"Yes. That's why we were gone the past few days. To rescue her. And yes, it really is her. I brought her here to keep her safe. I couldn't just leave her at home and I don't really trust safe houses right now."

Kali stood up from her seat and walked into Sydney's office where Francie was. She shut the door behind her and walked over to Francie.
"Hey, how's it going?" She asked, wondering if Francie was feeling any better.

"Um...good." Francie replied hesistantly. She as still wary of people she didn't know.

(France does know me. I used to work in SD-6 with Sydney, character probably went out a few times with Sydney and Francie )

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