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 Post subject: Fire and Blood
PostPosted: July 23rd, 2013, 10:57 am 
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In the aftermath of the Red Wedding, Westeros is in chaos. The armies of the North and Riverlands under King Robb Stark have been destroyed in a brutal betrayal by the Freys of the Crossing. While the forces of Stannis Baratheon march for the Wall at the behest of the Night's Watch, House Lannister consolidates its hold on King's Landing and subjugates the final remnants of Tully and Stark resistance.

While the lords play their game of thrones, the Riverlands are turned to ash. Outlaw bands and sellswords ravage the countryside, while hedge knights come and go as they please, joining forces with the highest bidder. In the chaos on the banks of the Trident, it is every man for himself in a sea of blood.

So, our characters are all minor persons who survived the massacre of the Northern army, deserters or sellswords, hedge knights etc. Everyone has their own motivation for doing what they do, and find themselves caught up in the War of the Five Kings. Expect spoilers from the subsequent ASOIAF books.

My Character:

Name: Ser Willem Renwyk
Age: 32
Allegiance: House Hornwood (formerly)
Physical Description: Willem is a man of middling height, with black hair that falls to the nape of his neck. His skin is rough and chapped from the northern winds, and he has walked with a limp since the Battle of the Green Fork when a Lannister footsoldier sliced into his knee with a dagger. He has a scar splitting his bottom lip from a near-miss from a poleaxe he sustained fighting in the Greyjoy Rebellion as a squire on Pyke.
Garb: Ser Willem wears a simple coat of mail under a leather jerkin, and breatplate, spaulders and vambraces, covered by the Hornwood surcoat, and wears a closed helm plundered from a Lannister that he has blackened to reduce its shine. He wears a stout pair of back leather gauntlets and high boots that are slightly large for him, as he took them from a dead Stark soldier after his own were damaged.
Weapons: Willem carries a simple *beep* sword on his left hip, having lost or abandoned his shield and other weapons during his flight from the Red Wedding, save for the eating knife he used to kill the Frey who came to cut his throat.
Homeland: The North
Personality: Willem is a sober man, who has seen too much bloodshed in his life to hold anything in high regard except for his own survival and the survival of his countrymen. As a knight in the service of House Hornwood, he was honour-bound to follow his lord to battle, but feels little fealty now that the house is without a mature heir. However, the vows he made as a knight compel him to help the innocent, which often causes great conflict with his base pragmatic nature, and he often has nightmares of the deaths of smallfolk and the blood on his hands as a warrior.
History: Ser Willem was born to a minor knight and a miller's daughter, and grew up in relative poverty. However, his father taught him the basics of sword play, and as he came of age, Willem's father negotiated that he should squire to a household knight of House Hornwood. His first battle came soon after, where Willem accompanied the knight he squired, Ser Martin Blackfen, into the breach at Pyke during Greyjoy's Rebellion. There, Ser Martin was killed by an Ironman, who was in turn killed by Willem, who stood over his friend and master's body, killing any Ironborn who attempted to take it for plunder. For his heroism, he was knighted alongside Ser Jorah Mormont, and he replaced Ser Martin in the household of the Lord of Hornwood. He served there as a guard, as his skill with a blade was not enough that he should be an instructor. When Robb Stark called his banners to march south, Willem dutifully accompanied his lord. He fought in the Hornwood company and accompanied his lord to the wedding of Edmure Tully, where the Freys of the Crossing betrayed the North and put the guests to the sword. Ser Willem killed the Frey who attempted to kill him, and bolted towards the river. Along the way, he managed to save a camp follower, Sage, and her infant daughter, after Sage pleaded with him to help them escape. Together, the three of them floated down the river, away from the Twins, and into the Riverlands while the Northern armies died.


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