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 Post subject: Turn My Crimson Into White - A Private Fantasy RP
PostPosted: July 31st, 2015, 11:08 pm 
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"Once upon a time, there were two great kingdoms united by friendship and respect. The land on which these kingdoms stood was full of happiness, for a new heir had been born to each king; a prince for the South and a princess for the North.

The Prince of the South was the first born to the king and the people of Aelcomay were overjoyed, dancing and singing in the streets of Parain Dor. His hair was golden like the sun and his eyes were the brightest shade of green - the colour of the Euphoria Sea. His mother was said to have craved the sea as she carried him, often gazing off longingly into the welcoming waves.

the Princess of the North was the second heir born to the Northern king and although the people were happy they also mourned, for a great sadness wrecked the land; their Queen had been lost, taken to Valhalla and never granted the joy of holding her newborn daughter.

The Princess was beautiful; her hair raven black and her eyes a strange and striking gold.

They were Prince Eskel and Princess Astridr, and from birth they were destined for greatness.

They grew together, soon inseparable from one another, their childhoods entwined and joyful. They would play and learn with each other, the kings seeing sense in keeping the young heirs together in the nursery. Soon another princess joined them by the name of Frea, the second heir of the South and the three babes were kept close, safe and cared for in their haven of youth.

One day the time came, however, for the children to leave the comfort of the nursery. They were to return to the royal palaces and begin their formal education and training, readying them for a day when they might sit upon the thrones. This upset Eskel and Astridr greatly but the kings were close and promised of many opportunities when the two would see each other often.

The royal children grew, as did their knowledge and understanding of their kingdoms and the lands. They took to exploring long forgotten places together, rarely seen parted from one another when the two great families joined for feasts and celebrations. The people were enthralled with them, hoping for what the two kings had secretly plotted since their births; a royal engagement.

When they were old enough, the two heirs were to marry and unite the two kingdoms forever. Eskel and Astridr were unaware of this, however and they shared in that ignorance, enjoying their innocent friendship, or so they thought. They failed to realise the love that had grown between them, along with the many other feelings that came with it.

To the deep North, though, a threat had been growing; a maddened tyrant was looking to the land of Aelcomay, wanting to claim the peaceful realm for his own. King Esben, Prince Eskel's father, knew that war might come upon them and he was aware something needed to be done. At his side, the Queen convinced him there was only one way forward; prince Eskel should be married off to the daughter of this savage, northern king.

Much to the chagrin of Astridr's father, King Hallr, the arrangements were made and the people were greatly saddened, but none so much as Prince Eskel and Princess Astridr. Their love for one another had grown strong and powerful. Their hearts were broken and each fell into despair, desperate not to lose one another.

Eskel made a promise to his raven haired princess however; he swore to only take one wife, his true Queen; her. The two were finally parted and the Prince was sent away to the northern land of Gargoth Alindal to the girl he would marry.

But from the land came stories and soon the stories were proven true; the tyrant king and his heirs were dead, including the girl the Prince had been sent to marry. He returned to the land of Euryaels and at first the King and Queen were furious, but soon King Hallr spoke to King Esben, convincing him to see the torment his son was suffering.

With the threat of the North temporarily gone, Prince Eskel returned to Princess Astridr and their engagement was finally announced. The greatest wish of the land was to be fulfilled and peace once again reigned throughout the kingdoms."

-Pg. 684 of the Book of Tales and Myths (written by Lothy, given to me as a birthday present 1 year ago. I take no credit)

Nobody knows the truth behind these ancient tales told of long lost kings and queens. Many have sought to discover them but to no avail - those who may know, won't speak.

The realm of Euryaels is nestled between several other prominent lands~

The Elderlands, to the far East, hold the wisest of peoples. The immense city of Vreles sits within the center of the lands, surrounded by treacherous marshlands and glorious, albeit decaying temples and alters. The graceful people of this land dedicate themselves solely to knowledge and the pursuit of it. They are sought out for their crafts and wisdom, being far more advanced than any other region. Many people who venture to the Elderlands rarely return from their travels - and if they do, they are noted as being changed beings. Little else is known of this realm and its history besides by the natives themselves.

To the south of Euryaels, hidden among the Euphoria Sea, lie the Southern Isles and the realms of the Nereids, governed by their King, Hirgone.

Euryaels herself is a large mass of land split between two kingdoms - that of Eurylithe founded by Eury the Bold, and Aelcomay founded by Aels the Wise.

The land of Eurylithe is cold, her people strong and built to endure even the worst of the long winters. The palaces are hidden within the mountain ranges and for centuries they have hunted and fought to thrive. It is even fabled that a dragon may reside within the white capped mountain regions. The land of Aelcomay prides itself on its enduring peace, glorious fields and cliffs bordering the seas. Not a single war has been waged in the region since Parain Dor became the capital and Bowen and Elannah became king and queen. Separating these two realms is The Vale - a region of dense forests and dark myths. Those who must pass through the Vale, stay to the main roads. Very few veer from these and those who do rarely return.

It is said in The Vale, a Eurylithe queen from centuries long ago - a witch - resides. Those who are desperate to heal loved ones or learn of their own fates, seek her out and, occasionally, the gods guide them to her. Nobody knows if this tale is true or told to children to keep them wandering from home.

To the far North, past Eurylithe and across the Black Straits, there is a small volcanic land called Gargoth Alindal. This realm rarely sees the light of day and is feared by many despite its small size. The king here is a savage and his people live in squallier. The capital of Myerdelle is an intimidating heap of rock where slaves and small children are freely bought and sold.

So the story goes...
Ceridwen Emilrylis - The Witch Queen/Lady of the Forest/Vale
Ithel Islwynson - Lord of the Vale/The Architect
Jorunn Erendriel - Adviser to Queen Ástríðr
Rúna Landvik-Norling - The B*stard Princess of Eurylithe
Mikala Landvik-Norling - The B*stard Prince of Eurylithe/The Banished
Ástríðr Eury - Princess/Queen of Eurylithe
Eskel Æls - Prince/King of Aelcomay
Shevynn Whitemyerdelle - The Last True Heir to Gargoth Alindal/Ward of Mikala and Rúna
Lilaea Luminara - Lost Daughter of the Luminaries

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