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Author:  Eowuclya [ June 14th, 2005, 6:00 pm ]
Post subject:  ~-.Titanic Rp!.-~

Okee dokee...this is a titanic rp...any one can join pretty much :-D

Name:Ryan Crowley
Appearance:About 6'1, bushy black hair, blue eyes. He wears shaggy clothes, but they look decent on him.

Author:  Kiara Lhunhil [ June 15th, 2005, 1:27 am ]
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Name: Kiara Rossley
Age: 23
apperance: tall and slim, she wears nice clothes and her long black hair is usually down. her pale skin contrasts sharply with her raven hair and bright, intence emerald-green eyes.
other: she is not overly rich, but not poor either. she came alone, and unaided. usually seen wandering the ship.

Author:  Lady Isteleth [ June 15th, 2005, 12:58 pm ]
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Name: Harmony
Age: 18
Appearance: Wide Ice blue eyes, long thick curly rose red hair, fair skin
Attire: Usually dark and earthy colours suit her
Crush: No one
Other: Twin sister of Rose, loves to read, is a good writer and a fantastic artist! Longs to find a true love and be noticed by a someone

Author:  Silmeriel [ June 15th, 2005, 2:20 pm ]
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Name: Melody Dunharrow
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Appearance: Slender and average height (5'6''), curly dark brown hair, dreamer's hazel eyes
Attire: Cropped peasant blouse (white), simple loose-fitting red skirt. Worn leather boots.
Class: 3rd
History: Her father was physically abusive to both her and her mother. Her mother died, so she ran away. She's never shown anyone, but she has whip scars under the back of her shirt, and she is very careful to hide them. She's learned to defend herself since she ran away, and always has a dagger. But she loves to read and write, and has a beautiful singing voice. Somewhat shy and timid, scared of men (b/c of her father)

Author:  Kiara Lhunhil [ June 16th, 2005, 1:12 pm ]
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She walked slowly to the bow of the ship. her bare feet feeling the moist desk beneath her. the cool salt breeze whipped her hair back and drying the tears from her cheeks. she took a deep breath letting the air play across her face and calm her.

Author:  Lady Isteleth [ June 16th, 2005, 1:30 pm ]
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(( why don't we start as we are bording that way we can work our way onto the ship instead of jumping straight in?))

Author:  Pearl Evenstar [ June 16th, 2005, 2:25 pm ]
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(need more men hah I'll be one)

Name: Aaron
Age: 20
Appearance: He has ice blue eyes with dark black hair with a little bit of golden streaks
Crush: jah we'll see
Other: He's an artist and also plays musical instruments like the piano and guitar

Author:  Kiara Lhunhil [ June 16th, 2005, 5:11 pm ]
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Her baggage was already stowed, for she was one of the first to board. moving silently back to her room she laid down on her bed and closed her eyes.

((hey guys, i might not be able to post for a while... sry if thats a prob :blush: ))

Author:  Silmeriel [ June 16th, 2005, 6:04 pm ]
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Melody loaded the last of her trunks under her bunk. She was lucky. Her mattress was stuffed with clean, fresh straw, and not with- well, she didn't want to know what some of the other mattresses were filled with, from the way they stank. She climbed up on deck for some fresh air, her curls rippling down over her shoulders. She walked to the stern of the ship in her bare feet, looking back at the land. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad. It couldn't possibly be any worse than staying with her father, who beat her nightly, or living on her own in a hut somewhere. Maybe she could find somebody nice, somebody who'd love her for who she was. Maybe. Ah, who am I kidding? she asked herself. Who'd want a girl with whip-scars all down her back, or bruises all over her arms? And it's not as if I have a dowry. She leaned against the rail, and sang to comfort herself.
May the road rise up to meet you
May the wind be always at your back...
Her clear, pure voice echoed over the water beneath the ship, and she felt a tear trace a delicate path down her cheek as she remembered the last time she'd heard that song. Her mother had been singing it, as a lullaby.

Author:  Lady Isteleth [ June 17th, 2005, 12:56 pm ]
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Harmony looked up at the clock in the bar quarter to eleven, she lifted her wine glass and toasted to herself
"To America, though i have no bloody idea why i'm going!" she said glumly, she looked over to the corner where a group of men were betting away tickets for The Titanic, she rolled her eyes and sighed the then reached into her bag her hand brushed against her tickets, she couldn't belive it she left her family back at the car and had come and gotten herself a quick drink, she had managed to sneak away with the help off her maid when they arrived, she needed to get away from her mother and sister, she pushed her hand past her ticket and pulled out some money and slapped it onto the counter
"There you go my good sir for your troubles" she then took one last glance at the corner table and then walked out her long thick curly rose red hair shining like gold had been weaved into it.
She pushed her way her way through the crowds holding tight onto her purse, making sure pickpockets wouldn't get into it, she looked round trying to find the first class doorway when she walked into a man with a dark hair and blue eyes
"Oh sorry" she appoligised
"Um it's ok" he answered, Harmony smiled
"Um do you know where the 1st class entrance is?" she asked looking round, people pushing from every diarection to say good-bye to their loved ones
"Uh yeh i do it's this way" he said showing, Harmony smiled and followed.
When they finally reached the door, harmony smiled
"Thanks i guess, well i'll cya unless your going on this how shall i put it.....Magnificent ship?" she asked, he looked at her and nodded
"Yeh i guess so, i'll cya" he said before walking off into the sea of people, Harmony rolled her eyes and walked up to the doorway rumaging for her ticket
"Ticket please madam" The Ticket master called holding out his hand, she smiled at him fakely and then brandished her ticket into his hand where he tore the top off and handed the other half back to her, she gave another fake smile before walking in where the smell of fresh paint hit her making her rather light headed, she quickly lost the fake smile and pulled a quick face
"Madam do you have any bags you would liked to be carried to your room" asked one of the attende's that worked on the ship, she shook her head, all her baggage was still with her mother and sister
"Um no it will be ok, but could you diarect me to room 67a i think" she said looking at her ticket and then following the boy.
She finally arrived at her room and the boy opened the room for her to enter, her sister was already in there hanging up her Monet paitings.
"Rose you and your paintings" she said quickly, she pulled out a thrupenny bit and handed it to the lad
"There you go for your troubles" she gave another one of her fake smiles at him as he walked out of the room and as soon as the door closed she stuck ehr toungue out at it
"Not" she said under her breath.
She walked over to her sister who looked throughly annoyed with her
Harmony rolled her eyes and laughed as she started to unpack
"Oh come on Rose, you know how much mothers moaning annoys me" she said lightly catching her sisters eye
After awhile of unpacking she left her room and went out on deck, there was people wherever you turned all waving to their loved ones or just waving for the hell of it, the sun blazed down onto her head
"Good job i have my hat on" she thought placing her hand into the air to wave
"Aw what the hell i might as well have fun, seen as i have a mother who is constantly moaning at me and a sister who is well a sister" she said under her breath
"And too right you are" came voice with a thick Irish accent, Harmony whirled round and saw a middle age man that looked as if he was in the bottom class he stood their holding hands with his daughter
"Exxcuse me" she stammered
"Sorry i over heard you talking to youself" he said
"well i tink your right a young girl like you needs to have fun" he replied, Harmony felt better
"Thanks, um does your daughter there want to see? cause i don't mind holding her for you" She asked looking down at his daughter
"Aw tat would be great" he said lifting her up and into Harmonys' arms, she turned rounda nd the child put her feet on the rails
"There you go you can see now" she said to the child
"Thankyou" she replied rarther shyly, Harmony smiled the child reminded her off herself when she was younger
she turned back and looked out onto the sea of people and started to wave the little girl copying her

Author:  Pearl Evenstar [ June 17th, 2005, 1:03 pm ]
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Aaron sat on one of the closest benches after boarding the ship he slowly watched the people pass. But his eye caught a single woman standing bye the side of the ship. She was singing with tears coming down her face. Aaron thought he aught to try cheering the pretty young lady up.

He walked up to the girl and said politely taking the cigarette out of his mouth "Hey I’m sorry ma'm but crying does not suit such a pretty lady like yourselfâ€

Author:  Silmeriel [ June 17th, 2005, 3:56 pm ]
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Melody turned, startled, by instinct unsheathing her wrist knives. They weren't visible to the man, though, and she kept them hidden. "I- no, sorry. It's a long story. I'm Melody Dunharrow." she said.

Author:  Pearl Evenstar [ June 17th, 2005, 4:05 pm ]
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"Nice to meet you mam i'm Aaron," He said softly then looked at the time

Author:  Silmeriel [ June 17th, 2005, 5:37 pm ]
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Melody curtseyed quickly, and headed to the rail, seeing as they were to cast off.

Author:  Kiara Lhunhil [ June 18th, 2005, 10:23 pm ]
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She left her room again, walking with a pained look on her face. could this ship really take her to a better place?

Author:  Lady Isteleth [ June 19th, 2005, 7:23 am ]
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Harmony held the child against the rails both waving insanely goodbye to England as The Titanic pulled out of the harbour, they kept waving untill the very last people were swollowed up by the horizon.

Harmony swung the child round and put her on the floor
"Now" she said to her "Have you got a name to go with that Beautiful face" she asked smiling
"Emily" replied the child timidly, Harmony smiled
"My name is Harmony, now we are acustomed to each other i think we had better find you daddy" she gripped Emilys hand and walked over to her father, Emilt let go of harmonys and ran over to her father Harmony smiled
"Thanks" he said lifting Emily into her arms
"Your welcome she's a wonderfull child your lucky to have her" she replied, he smiled
"I'm Tommy" he said holding out his hand to her, Harmony took it, Tommy looked surprised
"Harmonys my name i'm from Donnegal in Ireland as you can probally tell from the accent, and let me guess your from County Gal?" she said, she was always very good at telling where people were from in Ireland by listening to their accents, tommy nodded
"Well i'll be d**ned your right" Harmony smiled
"Well nice to meet you Tommy, Emily" she tipped her hat in a manly manner
"But i have to go and feed my cat locke, mayby you could come and see him one day, he loves children" with that she walked away.

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