Human + Elf (like Tuor & Idril) NOT unique?!
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Author:  Jax Nova [ January 30th, 2017, 8:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Human + Elf (like Tuor & Idril) NOT unique?!

So, if the elves and men are "One race" why such differences? Did Tolkien ever elaborate on that? I mean, I know from the Silmarilion, they had very different beginnings as totally separate peoples. I don't recall the idea of them being the same race int he Silmarilion but it has been years since I have read that.

*thinks to self that I really need to re-read that book*

Or perhaps is it as simple as, they were created, biologically of the same race but endowed with separate strengths, abilities, and longevity etc...

What of Dwarves? (not to stray too much) but do they or can they cross with elves or humans?

I find it interesting that Finrod found it as some high purpose of Doom... but at the same time I can honestly understand the meaning. Especially given the example of Arwen (Who I agree I have always been under the impression was half human or part human, so it would make sense her and Aragorn would not count in the "two unions" ) I myself, would much rather be the one to die as opposed to the one who lives on indefinitely... that kind of fate after loosing a loved one like that would be worse than death I would think.

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