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 Post subject: Meldawen's Characters
PostPosted: June 15th, 2006, 9:38 pm 
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Phantom Grey ~ Original Fantasy RPG:

Name: Phantom Grey, known as 'The Phantom' (like 'The Prime Minister') or 'Phantom Grey' (like 'Prime Minister Harper') but NOT 'The Phantom Grey' (much like you wouldn't say 'The Prime Minister Harper'). Formerly Phaerin Grey.
Profession: Formerly noble's son, now rebel leader.
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Race: Human, but with possible Elvish blood far back in his ancestry. Many nobles are known to have Elvish blood, and he is in fact a a noble, though not many know of it.
Appearance: Steel-grey eyes and black hair threaded with grey. Built very solidly and taller than average but not bulky.
Garb: Generally unremarkable, and wears a grey cloak over all with the hood up in situations requiring that his identity not be known.
Equipment: A greatsword.
General personality: Laid back and enjoys tossing banter back and forth with anyone who doesn't happen to be doing anything (generally his second-in-command Kjan [pirateoftherings]) but can be extremely set on what he wants when he wants it. Natural leader and quite a canny one, if his office is a nightmare for anyone who happen to be organizationally inclined. Introvert. Strong moral inclinations.
History: Was the son of a noble, with not a care in the world, until his mother decided he needed some more responsibility and put him in charge of the family finances. What with spending so much time in his father's library, he became extremely interested in Elvish legends and ancient bloodlines, particularly those of the current heir, Silvryn Seilhera. Upon her seeming assassination he became very concerned politically, particularly for the nearby village who, upon a Regent's ascension to the throne, immediately begin struggling with the heavy increase in taxes. Eventually matters escalated enough that Phaerin (not known yet as The Phantom) paid Eledhe Darkstar (see below) and her following of mercenaries to rob a caravan traveling in from the coast. He did so using the alias 'The Phantom'. Events from there eventually resulted in his acts of rebellion being pronounced enough that the ruling Regent sent a pair of guardsmen to arrest the Phantom, but he had a hideaway in the Earth's Teeth already prepared and fled. At the time of the RPG he has been living in the Keep for five years.
Family: Lord and Lady Grey. He's an only child. Romantic Interest: Silvryn Seilhera [pirateoftherings].

(Not in Phantom Grey exclusively, profile is somewhat edited for other RPGs)

Name: Eledhe Darkstar
Profession: Mercenary, magic-user of limited strength. Currently serving under the Phantom, but paid by the Regent for information. Not to be trusted, but the Phantom is unaware of this.
Age: 46, but appears significantly younger due to strong Elven traits. Most would guess her in her mid-twenties.
Gender: Female
Race: Predominantly human but with strains of elf.
Appearance: Built rather sturdily, but of slightly above average height and has no extra body fat, due to a rather demanding profession. Not overly muscled but stronger then you might expect. Black hair, generally in a braid down her back, but curly when it isn't. Vibrant blue eyes and pale skin, which in contrast with her dark hair makes for another visible Elven trait.
Garb: Light armor, mostly leather. Tan-colored, and tan boots, though she wears a black tunic and breeches.
Equipment: Slightly curved, slender scimitar that hangs at her belt, as well as a dagger or two hidden about her person. Also a pouch of shurikens, throwing stars, painted black. These are what she adopted her surname, Darkstar, from.
General Personality: Canny and quite intelligent. Extremely quick to realize implications, subtle inflections of language and action, and subtle hints. Also skilled at realizing the possible motives of any given acquaintance, and actually trusts very few, though she has a habit of dismissing people as unimportant. Generally these people turn out to be unimportant, but not always. Sharp-tongued and somewhat judgmental, as well as independent and outspoken. Can be somewhat rude and not overtly tactful, especially with people who annoy her or people she finds distasteful. Distinct lack of morals and won't hesitate to kill, though she takes minimal joy in it.
History: Vague as of now. Born into a decidedly non-noble family, and had limited choice of professions when it came time to do so. For lack of options, she was apprenticed in a doubtful school for mercenaries, which was the first step in a long series of different masters and instructors. Was an apprentice for a total of ten years and is now acknowledged as a somewhat high-ranking mercenary in sellsword circles.

Star Crystal ~ Dragon RP

Name: Merrin Dragonrider, formerly Merrin Tanner of Riversmeet
Profession: Dragonrider, and Chosen of the Gods
Age: 19
Gender: female
Race: human
Appearance: Small and slender, built very slightly. Brown hair with tints of red, blue eyes. Fair-skinned. Fairly pretty, but not striking or particularly beautiful.
Garb: Grey tunic and breeches, soft boots, silver-grey cloak with sunburst clasp. Normal dragonrider garb.
Equipment: Trained for almost four years with a light rapier suited to her build, but has since lost it in combat and uses a sabre, less light but bladed on both sides as opposed to a rapier, which has only a sharp point.
General Personality: Somewhat shy and rather somber. Has an extremely strong sense of morality and right vs. wrong, and will do what's right if at all possible. Stands up for what she believes under any circumstances, and feels a very strong sense of responsibility in being Chosen of the Gods. Very sensitive to guilt, and often feels it when she has no cause to. Often called naive and can be quite trusting when pragmatism would dictate that she be wary.
Family: Mother and father, Daevydd and Caire. Brother Jayen, four years older, brother T'mor, two years older, and twin brothers Adasin and Liand, ten years younger. Sister Rhie, fifteen years younger. Romantic interest: Kendath [Lady Dark Moon].
History: Lived in the village of Riversmeet, with her family, until nearly age 15, when the dragonrider Vair and his blue dragon Zura stayed in Riversmeet over the Yuletide season due to injuries sustained by Zura on a Meiltha raid. Zura recognized telepathic sensitivity and an astonishing devotion to the gods in Merrin and convinced Vair to return with her to Vryngard, capital Renegade city. Merrin became a page and then a squire in the space of a year, and prevented the only queen egg of Vryngard's clutches from being stolen when she was a few months past sixteen. This was mostly due to assistance from the gods, but she was knighted dragonrider and acquired a companion silver dragon, Wyvern. Due to her faith and her less than noble ancestry, Merrin had few friends in Vryngard and she became bonded closely to Wyvern. At the time of the RPG starting, Merrin is aged a month past age nineteen, and she was one of those pursuing a Meiltha assassin and the thief of an important Renegade document, Kendath [Lady Dark Moon] and was captured with the intent of being tortured for information. The Meiltha discovered that the Cloud Crystal, twin to the Star Crystal - which they already possessed - needed to be acquired because the two would only work in unison. To fight the guardian of the Cloud Crystal, one seemingly needed to be pure-hearted. None of the Meiltha qualified, being generally inherently evil, and therefore Merrin was intended to be used in order to help them get it. Through a series of events in traveling there, Kendath lost his dragon, Demon, and switched allegiances. The two of them, now Renegade (in Kendath's case mostly in name only) attempted to acquire the Cloud Crystal for the Renegades but were foiled. They did manage to retake the Star Crystal, and upon returning to Vryngard were told that the race of dragons is dying, and Merrin as the Chosen must travel back in time to discover the cause. They discover that a shard has been removed from the Celestial Eye, a window of the gods into this world, and due to their presense being diminished, the dragons (closest children of the gods) are dying out. Therefore the shard must be acquired from the Lich, leader of the evil Shadowers, and the pair of them (accompanied by various others) set out to do so.

Wyrmlord's Ascendancy. Also edited for other RPGs

[in the works]

Name: Adellis Distantstar
Profession: Cleric
Age: Uncertain half-elven aging puts her at perhaps the equivalent of a women in her mid-twenties, though some traits would point to her being significantly younger.
Gender: female
Race: Half-Elven
Appearance: Dark brown, loosely curling hair to the middle of her back, blue-purple eyes. Fine-boned and slender, not strong. Quite pretty, though this is common among Elves, and among them she's considered no more than tolerably attractive.


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