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HOBBIT NEWS - Ian McKellan and prostate cancer
Send good vibes to our Gandalf, because Sir Ian McKellan recently revealed in an interview that he's been living with prostate cancer for the past few years. He isn't too worried, though, because he says he's examined by a doctor regularly, and although he hasn't had treatment, the cancer has remained contained. He also assures us that it's one of the few cancers that is treatable, so he doesn't feel in any real danger. The 73-year-old has also had trouble lately with his hearing and a cataract. Yet Sir Ian has an indomitable spirit, and between stretches, regular exercise, and good healthcare, he says he feels just as spry as ever. Nevertheless, we wish Sir Ian the best of luck with his health!
Posted on Dec 11 2012 by Taurquende
HOBBIT NEWS - Production Video Blog No. 9!
New video blog from Peter Jackson! This time covering the post-production process as the crew put the finishing touches on the film. The animators create the CGI, the Foley artists work on the soundtrack, and the Department of Internal Beard-Hairs does.... well, go and see!
Posted on Nov 24 2012 by Taurquende
HOBBIT NEWS - 7 Minute Compilation
A devoted fan on YouTube has complied almost all of the released Hobbit footage and set it in a likely chronological order. The result is almost like watching an abbreviated version of the film itself! If you can't wait until the premiere, then you've got to see this!
Posted on Nov 20 2012 by Taurquende
HOBBIT NEWS - Ian McKellen Misses World Premiere
Next week the world premiere of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey takes place in Wellington's Embassy Theatre, and all the stars are expected to attend; Martin Freeman, Richard Armitage, Cate Blanchett, Hugo Weaving and Elijah Wood amongst many others. Ian McKellen though will be missing out as he is unavailable to attend - but a giant model of Gandalf will be looking down upon the red carpet - not a great consolation for Ian McKellen fans.
Posted on Nov 19 2012 by JF
SITE NEWS - Affiliates
After having affiliation closed for a very long time, Arwen-Undomiel.com is now accepting new affiliates! If anyone is interested in affiliating with A-U then please use the contact address on our contact page, or you can leave a comment in the guestbook with your website link and we will get back to you! Alternatively, if you are affiliated with us, but don't see your link, let us know so we can add you.
Posted on Nov 17 2012 by JF
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