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HOBBIT NEWS - Production Video Blog No. 8!
Peter Jackson has released one heck of a fantastic vlog on his <a href="https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151131427226807" target="_blank">Facebook page.</a> It covers Comic-Con, mixed emotions on the last day of filming, and a tally of the massive amounts of prosthetics and costumes they've used over the past year. It also has some glimpses of the sets of Dale and Beorn's house, and interviews with the cast, including Orlando Bloom and his "father," Lee Pace, discussing for the first time his role of Thranduil.
Posted on Jul 23 2012 by Taurquende
SITE NEWS - New FotR Hi Res Images
Things are happening in the gallery! A new selection of FotR <a href="http://www.arwen-undomiel.com/images/Hi.html" target="_blank">hi-res</a> images have been added. There are over 80 new additions to the new look gallery so check them out!
Posted on Jul 17 2012 by JF
HOBBIT NEWS - Four scenes previewed at Comic-Con!
At Comic-Con in San Diego today, Peter Jackson screened a 12-minute preview of <i>The Hobbit</i> from four iconic scenes. Before you ask, no, it doesn't appear that the footage is available to the general public, but we do have descriptions of them from the lucky so-and-sos who did get to see it! Click "Read More" for them!<br /><br />Without spoiling anything, I think I can safely say that the scenes were quite loyal to the book, though perhaps with the higher, more mature tone of LotR seeping into it. Interestingly, PJ chose not to show the previews in the much-ballyhoo'd 48-frames-per-second, nor in 3D. They were played at the standard 24-frames-per-second, with a temporary music track and still unpolished special effects. Observers said that it looked and felt much like LotR, though perhaps without the pervading atmosphere of evil and despair. But it seems certain that <i>The Hobbit</i> will transport us back to Middle-earth.<br /><br />
Posted on Jul 15 2012 by Taurquende
HOBBIT NEWS - The Hobbit 'Scroll'
Entertainment Weekly has obtained what they're calling <a href="http://www.ew.com/ew/special/0,,20399642_20610399,00.html" target="_blank">'The Scroll.'</a> It's basically a beautiful collage of 10 pictures detailing 10 scenes from <i>The Hobbit,</i> complete with a magnifier for your viewing pleasure. It also seems to tell us (finally!) exactly when the first movie will end: after the dwarves' escape from Mirkwood.
Posted on Jul 09 2012 by Taurquende
HOBBIT NEWS - PJ Releases Comic-Con Poster
Gandalf wanders in the Shire in this <a href="http://www.arwen-undomiel.com/images/Posters.php" target="_blank">gorgeous new poster</a> for Comic-Con 2012.
Posted on Jul 07 2012 by Taurquende
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