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HOBBIT NEWS - Filming Wraps
Peter Jackson has announced via Facebook that that they've now <a href="https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151062342726558&set=a.10150238899061558.364437.141884481557&type=1&theater" target="_blank">completed all principal photography on <i>The Hobbit--</i></a> a total of 266 days of filming. We're that much closer to seeing it ourselves!
Posted on Jul 05 2012 by Taurquende
HOBBIT NEWS - Ian McKellen Assures Us
Lest you have any doubts about it, Ian McKellen guarantees "that there will be a lot of minds blown wide apart" by <i>The Hobbit,</i> especially for those who have never got a chance to see Middle-earth on the big screen. We're going to hold you to that, Sir Ian-- nothing less than mind blowing will do!<br /><br />There are also rumors that new footage will be released at Comic-Con later this month. Stay tuned!
Posted on Jul 04 2012 by Taurquende
HOBBIT NEWS - New pictures!!
Entertainment Weekly Magazine has released some new pictures from <i>The Hobbit!</i> I won't keep you in suspense -- go see them in our Hobbit Gallery <a href="http://www.arwen-undomiel.com/Hobbit_Gallery.html" target="_blank">here</a>and find which ones are new!
Posted on Jul 03 2012 by Taurquende
HOBBIT NEWS - Hugo Weaving talks 'The Hobbit'
Hugo Weaving (who, of course, plays Elrond) gave a pleasant and sincere interview with Collider.com concerning his film 'Last Ride' (which shall be getting a long belated US release) and his experience returning to Middle-earth for <i>The Hobbit.</i> He doesn't divulge much in the way of spoilers, saying only that it's a similar world to LotR but 'tonally a bit different.' He also describes a 'frustratingly wonderful energy' on set, slightly bemoaning the scale of the project but describing a delightful atmosphere created by Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh and all of the cast and crew. <br /><br />He also gives some interestingly comments on 3D, saying that though he 'doesn't get much from the 3D experience,' he believe it will work incredibly well for <i>The Hobbit.</i> 'For that particular world, I think it's probably a really fabulous natural exploration of it,' he says. Let's hope you're right, Hugo!<br /><br />You can read the entire interview (and see a newish picture of Bilbo!) <a href="http://collider.com/hugo-weaving-cloud-atlas-hobbit-last-ride-interview/176741/" target="_blank">here.</a>
Posted on Jul 02 2012 by Taurquende
SITE NEWS - Lord of the Rings Cast Gallery
Check out the new look <a href="http://arwen-undomiel.com/cast.html" target="_blank"> cast gallery</a> for LotR! There are ten new categories, including <a href="http://arwen-undomiel.com/images/cast/Hugo_Weaving.php" target="_blank">Hugo Weaving</a>, <a href="http://arwen-undomiel.com/images/cast/Marton_Csokas.php" target="_blank">Marton Csokas</a> and <a href="http://arwen-undomiel.com/images/Cast/Ian_McKellen..php" target="_blank">Ian McKellen</a>. In total there are over 740 new cast images for you to take a look at!
Posted on Jun 29 2012 by JF
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