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New Home for the 'Humor' Section
We wanted to let you all know that the 'Humor' Section, which previously had a tab all its own, and the games from the 'Miscellaneous' Section have been combined to create an all-new 'Fun' Section. Don't worry; it still has all the old photos and puzzles!
Posted on Jun 27 2012 by Taurquende
Hobbit Countdown
I thought it was of note that we are a mere SIX MONTHS away from worldwide release of The Hobbit!! <br /><br />(Although the lucky folks in New Zealand will get to see it on November 28. *stink eye*)
Posted on Jun 14 2012 by Taurquende
SITE NEWS - Poems & Songs
We've begun adding Tolkien's gorgeous verses from LotR to the site. You can read of all the poems and songs from Part One of FotR <a href="http://arwen-undomiel.com/poems.html" target="_blank">here.</a><br /><br />More to come!
Posted on Jun 11 2012 by Taurquende
HOBBIT NEWS - Hints of romance
One of the cast members has hinted at some romantic possibilities in 'The Hobbit.' <br /><br />Click 'Read More' if you're interested in the spoilers!
Posted on Jun 10 2012 by Taurquende
HOBBIT NEWS - Production Video Blog No. 7!
Peter Jackson has released his 7th vlog of 'The Hobbit!'<br /><br />PJ and his crew give us a full tour of Stone Street Studios in Wellington and of the WETA Workshop. We also meet Luke Evans, who will be playing Bard the Bowman, for the first time, and one of the cast members decides to switch roles with a certain elf.<br /><br />Watch it <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CtQGtwxTAc&feature=youtube_gdata_player" target="_blank">here</a> and enjoy!
Posted on Jun 10 2012 by Taurquende
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