An elderly Tolkien Tolkien leaning on a desk Tolkien posed At the conferment of Honorary Doctorate of Letters from Oxford Tolkien posed again Tolkien smoking his pipe A middle-aged Tolkien Tolkien serving in WWI Tolkien at his desk Tolkien at his desk again
Tolkien sitting by a tree Tolkien by a tree again Tolkien smoking a pipe A relatively young Tolkien Tolkien by another tree Tolkien grinning and holding a pipe Tolkien in 1911, age 19 Tolkien, relatively young Tolkien age 41 Tolkien lighting his pipe
Tolkien's family
Edith Bratt in 1906, age 17 Edith in 1916, age 27 The Tolkiens in 1892, in South Africa.  Ronald is the baby. Tolkien with his four children Ronald and Edith with three of their children Ronald, age 13, and his brother Hilary, age 11 Tolkien and his son, Christopher Tolkien with his wife and children Tolkien and Edith, both elderly Tolkien and Edith, both elderly, but this time in color
Father Francis Morgan, Tolkien's guardian after his mother died C.S. 'Jack' Lewis Jack Lewis, profile shot Lewis at his desk
Other photos
76 Sandfield Road, one of the many houses Tolkien lived in Tolkien's signature A bust of Tolkien Ronald and Edith's grave A closer look at the grave inscription A different angle on the grave Another look at Tolkien's signature
Drawings by Tolkien
Bag End Heraldic device for the House of Beor Heraldic device for Beren Heraldic device for Earendil Heraldic device for the House of Feanor Heraldic device for the House of Fingolfin Heraldic device for the House of Finwe Heraldic device for Ereinion Gil-galad Heraldic device for the House of Hador
Heraldic device for the House of Haleth Heraldic device for Idril Celebrindal Heraldic device for Luthien Tinuviel Another heraldic device for Luthien Heraldic device for Melian the Maia Heraldic device for the Silmarils Heraldic device for Elu Thingol Rivendell Smaug the Dragon and Bilbo
Lothlorien in springtime Taniquetil, a mountain in Valinor Nargothrond, an Elven refuge An ornamented tree Trees and flowers Floral patterns Numenorean devices and patterns

Thanks to Legoviel for finding most of these pictures! The heraldic devices are from Some of the other drawings are from


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